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[Model Shoot] Jenifer Day @ Fondren Corner (6.13.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, Fondren Corner, model shoot, Photo Post, strobist by William Patrick Butler on June 22, 2010

the second of the summer time model shoots is coming at ya!

last time i shot Jenifer it was for the Tiana Pearls photoshoot and ever since then we’ve been trying to find time to shoot again.

yes, ever since last October LoL

but it always seemed like we could never make it happen.  either i was busy or she was busy or i was out of town or she was sick etc.

well, finally, we nailed down a day and we made it happen on one bright and hot summer day in and around Fondren Corner.

decided to keep it as equipment light as i could this time.  i figured we would be shooting outside some and having to carry a crap load of lights around in the heat is not what i had in mind LoL

so, the only lighting i had with me was Lizzie’s strobist gear she’s been letting me borrow since forever and that’s it.

let’s do this!



The Bachelorettes Last Show Ever! @ Hal & Mal’s (6.10.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, Hal and Mal's, Photo Post, rock and roll, The Bachelorettes by William Patrick Butler on June 16, 2010

so, as night fell on the 10th of June, lovers of good music, good times, and wigs gathered at The Redroom in Hal & Mal’s to get our wig on and rock out for The Bachelorettes final show!

it was a bittersweet night because we all love The Girls in The Band, but the bittersweetness couldn’t stop the rocking and couldn’t take away the awesome reasons why The Girls are splitting up.

Dr. Annie Blazer (trust her, she’s a doctor!) is heading off to Princeton!

always adorable Amanda Rainey and Lizzie Wright (trust her, she has a super spaceship!) are heading off to missouri for grad school!

Rachel “charmin!” Jarman (she’s charming!) is moving back to Jackson to continue working at the ISJL, spreading knowledge of southern Jewish culture!

so, even though we’ll miss the Ladies of 60s Girl-Pop, they’re moving on to bigger and better and we couldn’t be prouder!

and with the night being kicked off by Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship, followed by the Girl’s HusBand; Senryu blowing the top off the place, and wrapping up with The Ladies themselves, Jackson sent them off in style!

so let’s get this celebration started!


Magnolia Roller Vixens vs. Pearl River Swamp Dolls! (5.29.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on June 2, 2010

so, a few weeks ago, the Magnolia Roller Vixens facebooked me and asked if i would come shoot one of their bouts.

i wasn’t sure at first.  i’d never shot a roller derby bout before so i wasn’t really sure what to expect or if i could even pull it off (i wasn’t even sure what the rules were!)

of course, all of those worries is what finally made me say yes.  i mean, how would i know if i could pull it off if i didn’t try and, thanks to the power of the internets, the rules were right at my finger tips.

so i wrote back and told the ladies i was down and they put me on the press pass list (fancy!)

after that, i once again harnessed the power of the internets and talked to my good friend and fellow photographer Joey Miller (who’s shot his fair share of roller derby bouts) for any tips and/or advice.

with those powers combined, the night of the bout i made my way downtown to the Jackson Convention Complex to watch the Magnolia Roller Vixens take on the Pearl River Swamp Dolls!