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The Bachelorettes Last Show Ever! @ Hal & Mal’s (6.10.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, Hal and Mal's, Photo Post, rock and roll, The Bachelorettes by William Patrick Butler on June 16, 2010

so, as night fell on the 10th of June, lovers of good music, good times, and wigs gathered at The Redroom in Hal & Mal’s to get our wig on and rock out for The Bachelorettes final show!

it was a bittersweet night because we all love The Girls in The Band, but the bittersweetness couldn’t stop the rocking and couldn’t take away the awesome reasons why The Girls are splitting up.

Dr. Annie Blazer (trust her, she’s a doctor!) is heading off to Princeton!

always adorable Amanda Rainey and Lizzie Wright (trust her, she has a super spaceship!) are heading off to missouri for grad school!

Rachel “charmin!” Jarman (she’s charming!) is moving back to Jackson to continue working at the ISJL, spreading knowledge of southern Jewish culture!

so, even though we’ll miss the Ladies of 60s Girl-Pop, they’re moving on to bigger and better and we couldn’t be prouder!

and with the night being kicked off by Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship, followed by the Girl’s HusBand; Senryu blowing the top off the place, and wrapping up with The Ladies themselves, Jackson sent them off in style!

so let’s get this celebration started!

the night started off on the right note as Lizzie took the stage for a her solo show.

since i knew lizzie wouldn’t be moving around much, i decided to shoot her without using a flash.

backing lizzie up on her set was amanda!

lizzie laying it down.

love that smile while she’s singing

with lizzie, it always comes from the heart.

getting reset for a new song

told ya she had a super spaceship!

and amanda loves playing it 🙂

playing that glockenspiel like she was born to it

that little smile gets me every time.  it shows just how much she loves singing.  i wonder does she even know she smiles like that when she’s performing?

i think this is when lizzie started singing her song “Grandfather”.

that song always breaks my heart.

it’s just so touching

you can tell it comes from the bottom of her heart

and she expresses that with fingers that move across guitar strings and a voice that sings out melodies

heh, i really like the song 🙂

lizzie was also backed up by annie on bass at various times too!

yep, she can play harmonica and the ukulele too

THE Peter Glover also assisted!

annie laying down that smooth bass grove

lizzie leaving it all on stage

for her last song, Wil and the rest of the boys from Senryu take the stage to help her finish it out

(love this shot)

and with that last song, it was time for hugs!

lizzie wright (super spaceship), ladies and gentlemen!

lizzie wright has left the building and the super spaceship has left orbit.

and now, intermission as Senryu gets set up!

let’s check in with dr. annie blazer!

excellent! 😉

don’t worry, she’s not about ta get punched, she’s just selling some merch

(i know it’s kind of dark but her really kick-ass shirt says “bacherlorette”.  awesome!)

annie and rachel behind the merch table, in all their black and white glory!

Senryu has finished setting up by this point.

let’s kick it!

Andres starts it off

and when Wil opens up, it’s so mighty it knocks color itself out!

when they wrap the opening song up, wil turns and stabs an amp with his guitar.

let me repeat that; he stabs an amp with a guitar.

if that’s not rock and roll you and i have different ideas about what rock and roll is!

(about this point, i’ve remembered what a high energy band senryu is, so it was time to slap a speedlite on my camera and flash away)

always get a shot of the drummer!

The Girls in The Band and the rest of the crowd rocks out as Senryu brings the funk!

those Senryu boys ain’t nothing to [CENSORED] with!

let’s meet the boys!


his vocals have been blessed by the gods of rock and roll!


if the power of his bass doesn’t get you, the power of his stare will!


he drums at the speed of light, and the light shines over us all!


with the power of…ok, look…

this man is kicking ass and rocking it while wearing a pink cowboy hat! what the hell could i say that could top that?!

moving on!

if you’ve never seen Senryu live, you’re really missing out.

they’re a high energy band

and they have fun when they’re on stage

if you ever catch them live, you’ll always get your money’s worth

so if you’re ever in their hometown of Knoxville, TN…

or the next time they hit Jackson, make sure you check them out!

cause like i said…

those Senryu boys ain’t nothing to [CENSORED] with!

Senryu, ladies and gentlemen!

next up; the last act, the band wives of Senruy, and the stars of the evening, The Bachelorettes!

as they walk toward the stage, they’re singing and dancing to their theme song; “The Bachelorettes!”

“The Bachelorettes! dun-dun-duunnn-dah! The Bachelorettes!…”

and as the ladies get all strapped in, it’s time to 60s girl-pop rock it!

here’s the last set list for the last show!  write this down in your history books!

the bachelorettes! (intro)
girl in the band
my heart is a swing state
ballad of lou and mona
sneakin away
goy toy
be my maccabee
guitar solo
facebook folly
missin you in mississippi (encore/outro)

(thanks for facebooking me the set list amanda) 🙂

((and thanks to whoever “cowgod77” is for the youtube links)) 🙂

rachel loves performing

in fact, all the Girls in The Band do!

it was a hot night in the ole Redroom, and the Ladies only made it hotter by bringing their A-game

(i love this shot)

rachel serenading lizzie

rachel letting loose

annie on that smooth bass!

it’s just what the doctor ordered!

(thank you! i’m here all week!  please tip your bartenders!) 😉

the crowd was also getting their wig on and…

…honestly, i have no idea what’s going on here…

amanda’s lovin’ it!

amanda hits the note and…



yeah, i know, slighty too bright.  but i just love the scene

lizzie wright, out of the space ship and getting her wig on!

dr. annie showing dr. dre how it’s done

rachel leaving it all on the stage

taylor hildebrand down there (in the green shirt) ran sound for the ladies (make sure you check him out.  he rocks too)

wait…is wil knocked up?!

lizzie enjoys being a bachelorette!

next, the rachel trilogy 🙂

(too kawaii!)

that’s right, the Ladies have a glockenspiel too!

amanda being adorable.  as per usual

LoL!  i love it

amanda kicks of “guitar solo” with a guitar that costs $50 and her heart ❤

lizzie joining in

i figured since this was the last show, screw the rules!

so i hopped on stage to get some shots 🙂

(no flash)

(love this shot)

rachel getting down!


LoL, amanda trips me out

and that’s it!

but wait!

the crowd was still hungry!  it wanted more!

“encore!”  they chanted.


and The Girls in The Band obliged!

THE BACHELORETTES ladies and gentlemen!

and then it got bittersweet.

awwww!  Bachelorettes are forever! ❤

before everyone went their own separate ways i pulled out the strobist gear (that lizzie has been letting me borrow. cause she rocks!) to grab some fancy looking shots of the Ladies and their husBand 🙂


y’know, we’ve already met the boys, now let’s meet the Girls in The Band!

Rachel Jarman!

(she’s charming!)

Lizzie Wright!

(she has a super spaceship!)

Amanda Rainey!

(she’s always adorable!)

Dr. Annie Blazer!

(showing dr. dre how to make that chedder since 2008!)

and now, let’s check in on their HusBand, Senryu!


making it rain confetti since 2000 and still going strong!

Senryu and The Bachelorettes!

this is how they do it!


awwww!  this is….strangely touching…

time for group shots!


and…well, that will do it.

this was a really great show and, i think, a kick-ass send off to a very beloved Jackson group.

i have to admit, i’ve enjoyed being the unofficial/official photographer of The Bachelorettes.  it was always a fun time rocking out with The Girls in The Band! (and i’m already missin’ ya’ll in mississippi) 🙂

onwards to bigger and better Ladies! 🙂

The Bachelorettes have left the building.


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  1. […] our official band photographer. He documented this show as well as so many other on his great blog, Scenes Around Jackson. One time we wrote a song for Patrick. It went something like this: “Ooh-wee-ooh. Thank you […]

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