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[Model Shoot] Jenifer Day @ Fondren Corner (6.13.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, Fondren Corner, model shoot, Photo Post, strobist by William Patrick Butler on June 22, 2010

the second of the summer time model shoots is coming at ya!

last time i shot Jenifer it was for the Tiana Pearls photoshoot and ever since then we’ve been trying to find time to shoot again.

yes, ever since last October LoL

but it always seemed like we could never make it happen.  either i was busy or she was busy or i was out of town or she was sick etc.

well, finally, we nailed down a day and we made it happen on one bright and hot summer day in and around Fondren Corner.

decided to keep it as equipment light as i could this time.  i figured we would be shooting outside some and having to carry a crap load of lights around in the heat is not what i had in mind LoL

so, the only lighting i had with me was Lizzie’s strobist gear she’s been letting me borrow since forever and that’s it.

let’s do this!

i wasn’t sure about shooting at Fondren Corner again since i’d used it before a few times and, at first, we were gonna shoot at the old, abandoned Naval Research Center down by the Fairgrounds but, like i said, it was a hot day in mississippi and if we shot out there we would have had to be outside for the full time of the shoot so, Fondren Corner it was! 😉

we started out on the third floor, right outside of Josh Hailey’s Studio.

there’s only one window in that hallway on that floor and that’s what i was using for light.

i always enjoy using available light

plus, it was a good way to warm up, before having to get the off camera lighting all set-up

(heh, i dig this shot.  it was just fun)

oh, and if you were to step back a little more and looked camera right, that would be the door that opens to Josh’s studio 🙂

(this one cracks me up too)

after this, it was time to brave the outside heat and get some shots.

(this was a shot that jenifer really wanted so hoped i nailed it for her.  that’s her boyfriend’s banjo.  he’s a member of the Jacktown Ramblers.)

ok, we’re now in an small alleyway besides Sneaky Beans.

i don’t remember who’s idea it was to shoot right there, but it was a great one.

i’m also using the off camera flash for the rest of these outside shots

this was the shot were i felt like i was starting to hit my stride.

i didn’t really take a lot of non-verticals for this shoot.

(yep, that was my lighting set-up)

the reason for the verticals is because i’m still working on getting more body shots when i shoot.  for some reason i think i’m still a little weak in that regard.

heh, i like that fact she was barefoot for these.  it just seemed to fit the feel

last shot with the banjo

heh, this shot and the next one were just for me.  always wanted to shoot the ole “girl with umbrella” so figured, why the hell not 😉

many thanks for jenifer for putting up with me

after this, it was time to get out the heat and head back inside to Fondren Corner.

also, outfit/hair change!

this next series of shots i really liked

Jenifer, i think, is just made for editorial style shoots like this

the previous three in black/white were all shot with available light and a high ISO (which gives it that grain).

for the rest i switched back to off camera lighting

i wonder if we were holding that elevator up for anyone.  we were shooting in it for awhile 😉

when we finally settled on the day of the shoot, we didn’t pick a theme

jenifer had some outfits that she wanted to be shot in and i wanted to shoot her and that was as close to a theme that we got

i think it worked out pretty well for us 😉

it was jen’s idea to use the elevator and we had just gotten done shooting in there when i realized i wanted her in the chair and shades.  so back in we went

(one of my favs)

was going for a magazine type feel

changing sides

and this wraps up the last of the elevator shots.

after was a another outfit and location change!

to the roof!

still using the speedlite as my off camera flash,  but i was using it as fill and the sun as my “mainlight” so to speak.

i had the flash slightly behind her, camera left and the sun was shining down from above and slightly behind me camera right (hope that made sense)

kept all my settings the same here, but i stopped down my f/stop

same settings here, with the stopped down f/stop.

for these shots i had jenifer standing on a bench, which let me really get her “up in the sky” so to speak.

i was standing on a chair a few feet in front of her

love how she had her left leg up like that

and that wasn’t easy, she was still wearing heels!

(opened my f/stop back up some)

pulled back some to get some of Fondren in the background

still pulled back some.

this was also the last shot i took while standing on the chair.  the rest i took with me off the chair but jen still standing on the bench.

(like this shot)

what’s that, a horizontal shot?


love that sky

and the last horizontal sky shot.

i actually almost used this one as the “above the cut” photo but thought the vertical one i used was stronger.

and the last of the sky shots.

don’t know if you can tell, but i really enjoyed that series

now, time for jen to take off her vest, let her hair down and get off the bench.

ok, this and the following shot were experiments in trying to get a shot with jen walking with max (hey max!).  trust me, we shot a whole lot more than just the two but i think these are the two best

and of the two, i like this one the most (because i got both of them in frame) 🙂

i’d like to try this again, i think i could really nail it after i get a few more under my belt

but, moving on…

this was actually a lighting test as we were setting up for the last series of shots but i liked it so i’m posting it

that’s just how i roll

with the last series, jen wanted to use the skateboard and i was down

i really like how this shot is framed

y’know, i don’t know who’s skateboard that is, but it made a good prop

if you look, you can see me making the shot reflected in her sunglasses

i like how her hair has that little flip-up

last of the horizontal shots of the entire shoot and i really like it to boot

i think i was just going to squat down to try and grab this one, but i changed my mind and just decided to lay down on the ground to grab.  after seeing how it looked from down there it which gave me the idea for the last (and one of my favorite) shots of the shoot

and that’s how we’ll wrap it up!

many thanks for jen’s mom for helping her with wardrobe and hair (hey Mama Day!)

and many thanks to Jen.  it’s always fun shooting with her.  hopefully next time it won’t take us months to arrange another shoot 😉

have a good one everybody

see ya next week


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