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[Remixes] Karyn’s Wedding

Posted in 2013, Color, Digital, Photo Post, remixes by William Patrick Butler on March 11, 2013

so, one of my goals for 2013 is to completely re-examine how i approach my photography. i felt like i was getting stuck in a rut and i wanted to shake some of the cobwebs off.

giving my professional website a complete update and overhaul was one of those steps.

i even started a new photography tumblr.

and i started wondering; with me wanting to try new things with my photography, how would i approach the final edit of some past images.

so i decided to find out.

since i don’t tend to shoot weddings, whenever i do end up shooting one for a friend i tend not to post the photos, since i hate having to tell people no when they ask if i’ll shoot theirs.

but i’ve always liked these photos i shot of my friend Karyn’s wedding and i figured they would make a good experiment.  i shot these back in 2008 (wow, it’s been awhile) and i was interested how 2013-Pat would edit 2008-Pat.

so, let’s go see.

if you want to compare and contrast, here are two facebook albums with the original photos 🙂

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (4 of 13)