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The Bachelorettes Last Show Ever! @ Hal & Mal’s (6.10.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, Hal and Mal's, Photo Post, rock and roll, The Bachelorettes by William Patrick Butler on June 16, 2010

so, as night fell on the 10th of June, lovers of good music, good times, and wigs gathered at The Redroom in Hal & Mal’s to get our wig on and rock out for The Bachelorettes final show!

it was a bittersweet night because we all love The Girls in The Band, but the bittersweetness couldn’t stop the rocking and couldn’t take away the awesome reasons why The Girls are splitting up.

Dr. Annie Blazer (trust her, she’s a doctor!) is heading off to Princeton!

always adorable Amanda Rainey and Lizzie Wright (trust her, she has a super spaceship!) are heading off to missouri for grad school!

Rachel “charmin!” Jarman (she’s charming!) is moving back to Jackson to continue working at the ISJL, spreading knowledge of southern Jewish culture!

so, even though we’ll miss the Ladies of 60s Girl-Pop, they’re moving on to bigger and better and we couldn’t be prouder!

and with the night being kicked off by Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship, followed by the Girl’s HusBand; Senryu blowing the top off the place, and wrapping up with The Ladies themselves, Jackson sent them off in style!

so let’s get this celebration started!



The Bachelorettes Recording @ Olympic Records (4.1.09)

Posted in 2009, Behind The Scenes, black and white, Digital, Photo Post, The Bachelorettes by William Patrick Butler on October 27, 2009

first of all, sorry for no new updates (or interludes)

let’s get back to it!

so, back in the cold months of early 2009 (april to be exact) The Bachelorettes gathered at Misha Hercules’ Olympic Records Studios to begin initial recording of a track for The Special Passenger Project compilation album that they were putting together  (the track later ended up on their first full studio album “Missin’ You in Mississippi”)

being a big fan of theirs and a huge fan of Jim Marshall‘s black and white rock and roll photography, i asked if i could come too and photograph them behind the scenes.

they said sure, so off we went.

The Bachelorettes (recording) (24 of 103)

The Bachelorettes: Behind the Music