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[Behind The Scenes] The Renee Agency Model Bootcamp (4.7.12)

Posted in 2012, Behind The Scenes, black and white, Digital, Fashion, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on April 18, 2012

wow, you get busy and you look up and you’ve completely forgotten to update your blog for an entire month!

so, many¬†apologies everyone, but with real life getting in the way and planning out 30 Days and 30 Nights, a photo project with the amazing Nettie Harris (which i’ll be talking more about soon) i’ve just been busier than usual.

but enough of that, let’s get to the photos! ūüôā

so, Chanelle Renee, of the new Renee Agency, and I have known each other for a bit. ¬†we were talking on facebook a couple of weeks ago and i mentioned that when she put on another show i’d love to shoot the behind the scenes of it. ¬†i’ve always loved that type/style of photography. ¬†anyway, she said she’d keep me in mind and a few days later she asked if i’d be free to shoot some documentary/behind the scenes type photos of a model bootcamp she was doing. ¬†i said yes and away we went!