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Cody and the Stairwell of Wonder (4.13.13)

Posted in 2013, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on April 25, 2013

so, i spent a week up in Memphis this month and, while i was up there, arranged another photoshoot with my good friend (and fellow artist) Cody.

Cody and I have shot together before and we both really liked the results so working together again was just a matter of finding the time and figuring out what we want to shoot.

this time, it was pretty much the all Cody show. she knew the location she wanted to use and the outfit and the theme.

the location was a stairwell in a parking garage in downtown memphis.

the theme we were going for was an Alice In Wonderland type of feel, but without going too overboard with it.

and away we go.

Cody stairwell shoot (4.13.13) (23 of 27)



[Behind The Scenes] Martin Barre Shoot (3.27.13)

Posted in 2013, Behind The Scenes, black and white, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on April 1, 2013

first post of 2013 with all new work and first time me and Tom have worked together in the new year.

tom called me up a few days back and asked if i’d be free on the 27th and i said sure, what was up and, lo and behold, he had managed to arrange and set up a shoot with Martin Barre.

y’know, just the legendary guitarist of Jethro Tull and wanted to know if i’d help him out as a photo assist. and since i love taking documentary style/behind the scenes photos, Tom asked Martin if that would be cool for me to do while they shot and he said it was no problem.

hell to the yeah.

the location was inside the dance studio of Ballet Mississippi.

let’s get to it

BTS with Martin Barre (3.27.13) (8 of 18)