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Room 901 (7.6.11)

Posted in 2012, black and white, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on May 14, 2012

like i mentioned last post, Room 901 is the second theme that Cody and I did on the same day we shot the first theme, Dirt Track Date.

cody ended up naming the first theme. in fact, the first theme was really her baby all the way.  she knew what she wanted, the feel she wanted, and everything.

for this them, i took the lead.  i named it, knew the feel i wanted, etc.

in my head, she’s still the same character.  but this theme takes place when she first gets to the room and then shows what happens afterwards.

you’ll notice, as i get towards the end, that i shift from black and white to color.  i think it fit the scene and feel better.  it’s rare that i do that but i think it fit in this case

ok, let’s get to it

so, Dirt Track Date was shot in the front room of cody’s apartment in memphis.  but we shot Room 901 in her bedroom.

so, i’m not actually shooting her straight on in this one or in the next few to follow.

i knew i wanted to shoot her on her bed, but i wasn’t sure what angle i wanted for it.

so, after i set up my one off camera light source (an alien bee 1600 with a reflector/20″ gridspot as the light modifier) i started walking around the room, trying to find my shoot spot.

and then that’s when i noticed a small, round mirror, hanging on the wall opposite that of the bed.


after turning off all the lights i really enjoyed how, since the light source was focused on cody and her area it completely fell off giving that nice solid black to the rest of the scene.

after this one i kept the light in the same place, i just moved to a new position.

me standing behind cody, on top of her bed, shooting down

me still on the bed, but i’ve worked my way over beside her

actually got this first shot i think.  which is rare, fire is tricky.

after that it was back to the reflection in the mirror for these last two shots

after this, we actually relocated to the hallway that leads to cody’s backdoor

i really love this shot.  it was also the only shot i did with only available light.  really love it.  my second favorite shot of the shoot.

it was also when i stopped converting to black/white and stayed with color.

and this is my third favorite. 🙂

put her more in the corner for this one and said to look even more pissed off.

and am i the only one that loves that old school 70’s fake wood paneling?

and this will wrap it up.

gotta tell ya, part of the reason i wanted to do this shoot is because i oh so dearly love that black fur coat cody has and wanted i really wanted to shoot her in it LoL

i’m setting up a new print shop and most of these photos from this post will be in it!  i’ll make a post letting everyone know when it’s up and ready!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post! 🙂


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