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Vintage Sara Mac [color film] (8.8.10)

Posted in 2010, Color, Film, model shoot, Photo Post, Vintage Shoots by William Patrick Butler on October 25, 2010

welcome back to the concluding photos of the Vintage Sara Mac series, this time in color medium-format film!

sorry for the long long looooong wait between posts, but, as you probably gathered from the previous [interlude], i’ve been pretty busy these days.  but after i got paid for one of those things i’ve been busy with and i picked up the last two color film rolls i’d dropped off to Deville Camera to get developed, i knew i couldn’t go any longer without posting them and finally having a real update. 🙂

once again, i shot these with the Mamiya RB67 that my friend Joey Miller let me borrow.

i haven’t shot color film in, well, a long long time.  in fact, before i got my DSLR, i only tended to shoot with black/white film.  so i’m actually still getting used to shooting with color film.

anyway, let’s do this!

(dresses were provided by SHESABETTIE! Fine Vintage Clothing and Accessories)

((these were all shot with 120 Fuji pro color film. 400 ISO))