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Dirt Track Date (7.6.11)

Posted in 2012, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on May 7, 2012

i figured i’d post some photos i’ve been wanting to post since july of last year, but between wanting to hold up and show them in an art show first and then my old Dell dying i never got a chance to actually post them here.

so, i’d been wanting to shoot my friend Cody for awhile but could just never seem to arrange a time. between us living in different cities/states and her going to school and working full time, well it wasn’t easy.

plus, both cody and i are artists,  so we both wanted a theme and/or backstory for whatever we were gonna shoot.

well, last july everything came together.  i was in town, it was the summer so she was on break from school and didn’t have to work till late, and we had worked out 2 backstories for what we wanted to shoot.

instead of combining two separate themes in one post (even though we shot them on the same day) i figured i would give each one its own entry.

so, let’s get started on the first one!

there’s this character that cody portrays sometimes, in her work.  i don’t know if this character has a name, but she’s a street worker who’s pretty, well, “trailer trashy”.

so cody’s idea was for us to “document” her doing her hair, before she gets dressed and goes to work.

so i set up one off camera light and told cody to actually do her hair as her character would

so yes, that means that curling iron is really on

the single, off camera light i was using was my trusty AlienBee 1600 inside my Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox.

the only tricky part was making sure i wasn’t seen in the mirror

heh, that shirt trips me out. “suthern born, suthern’ bread.”

the off camera light never moved, but i would move around to try and get different angles and shots

really dig this shot.  heh, it took us a couple of tries though.

my favorite thing about this one is that band-aid 🙂

i’m no fan of smoking, but damn i really love this three photo series 🙂

we actually used up a lot of that hair spray trying to get cool shots

and this will be how we wrap it up.  i really dug this shoot and the next series with cody, Room 901, will be up soon.

can’t believe it’s almost been a year since me and cody shot these.  i need to get back up to memphis so we can work on some new stuff 🙂

have a good one everybody

see ya next post!


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  1. […] i mentioned last post, Room 901 is the second theme that Cody and I did on the same day we shot the first theme, Dirt […]

  2. […] and I have shot together before and we both really liked the results so working together again was just a matter of finding […]

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