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[Model Shoot] Sara Mac – The Yellow Series (8.10.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post, The Yellow Series by William Patrick Butler on August 22, 2009

model shoot month continues!

didn’t know it was model shoot month? don’t worry, i didn’t either!  but, looking back at the last two posts and knowing that, even after this post, i have two more model shoots to put up (and have another photoshoot in store) that, hell, may as well make it an event 🙂

so, this week brings us my friend Sara Mac.

like Jessica, i’ve photographed Sara Mac before, but still wanted to do it again.

not because i thought i could do better than before, but because i think Sara is fun to shoot and, just like before, she was back in america for a couple of weeks from south korea so, the time was right

so, having fallen in love with that “magic hour” early morning light i, once again, made a friend/model wake up at the crack of dawn and set off to take some photos.

Sara Mac - The Yellow Series (8.10.09) (18 of 29)

click for yellow dresses and golden sun