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Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase @ Pix/Capri (12.17.11)

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welcome to the last post of Scenes Around Jackson for 2011!

and for the last post of the year, we shall continue our tradition!

so, once again, it’s time to check out photos from the Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase!

this was the 9th(!) annual show and, like they’ve been doing for the last few years, it was held in the heart of Fondren at the old Pix/Capri Theater.

like i’ve said for the last few years, this is a 100+ photo post so don’t expect a lot of commentary from me. just sit back and enjoy photos of a rocking show!

and, as always, let’s give props to Stephen Barnett of Davaine Lighting for lighting so awesome, i have trouble describing it 🙂

so, without further ado:

The Line-Up! (in order of appearance)

T.B. Ledford

Bear Colony

El Obo

Wooden Finger

Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles



Zac Harmon @ Farish Street Heritage Festival (8.4.10)

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i mentioned, way back in september of last year, that my friend rion had assisted me on a shoot for PORTICO Jackson but i was gonna wait to post the photos from that shoot until after that issue came out in november.  of last year.

so, as you can see, it took me awhile to get back to that but, figured i’d finally go ahead and post those photos LoL.

it was my first shoot for PORTICO and i was assigned to shoot Zac Harmon.  he was back in mississippi and would be performing at the Farish Street Heritage Festival.

PORTICO wanted some photos of him and then some photos of him when he was actually performing on stage.

so, after borrowing some lighting gear from my friend Tom Beck and asking rion if he would be down to assist me, i made my way downtown to farish street to get started.


[Model Shoot] Girls of Rock 2011 Calendar (2010)

Posted in 2011, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on December 5, 2011

Back in November of 2010, i was put in contact with the Rock 93.9 radio station down here in Jackson, MS.

they were working on putting together a “Girls of Rock” 2011 calendar and they wanted to go with a more professional photographer this time.

the models, the “Girls of Rock”, would be chosen in a series of contest sponsored by Rock 93 and held at different bars/clubs around the city.  after 12 girls were picked, that’s when i would take over and start shooting.

so, for the last week of november and first week of december i, along with my friend Rion who was also my assistant, shot my first calendar at different locations around Jackson.

and since 2011 will be ending in a few weeks (wow, this year went by fast) i figure i’d go ahead and post a few of the photos.


OccupyJackson @ Smith Park (10.15.11)

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and so it came to pass that on the 15th of October in the  year 2011, the Occupy Mississippi movement, standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. and the global Occupy Movement, organized in Jackson at Smith Park.

these are the photos of a beginning


Can’t Stop The Signal

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After a bit of technical difficulties…

Scenes Around Jackson



this return would not have been possible without the love and aid of some iFriends *looks at Katie West and Vanessa Yaremchuk* and family *looks at his Aunt Linda* ❀

expect full posts and all new photos to come soon!  i have a lot to catch up on and lots more to shoot 🙂

have a good one everybody!

Can’t Stop The Signal! 🙂

we are experiencing technical difficulties…

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my trusty DELL desktop, that i got for my birthday back in March of 2004, finally gave up the ghost last month.

*tips a 40 oz.*

i’m currently using my sister’s old laptop (and by old, i mean, this thing was state of the art…back in 2001) so, i’m able to use the internet but not much else (since it tends to overheat every 30 or so min and it’s so slow it can’t read any of my external harddrives, which are the drives i keep all my photos on.  and far to slow to run anything like Lightroom or Photoshop.)

so! until i save up to get a new system, gonna have to put Scenes Around Jackson on temporary hiatus.

but I! Shall! Return! 🙂

[interlude 09]

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busy busy busy

i’m gonna be in a gallery show up in memphis this friday!

my friend cody is helping set it up and it’s called Some Art Round 3.

so, if you’re in the downtown memphis area at 517 S. Main St. on the day of Friday 29th between the hours of 6:00pm – 9:00pm, well i’d love to see you 🙂

and now, some photos from the series i’m using for the show.  these won’t be the ones i’m actually showing. to see those, well, come on up to downtown memphis this friday 🙂

(and one from a series that i may be showing next month)

next post will be a full post 🙂

ya’ll behave out there 🙂


Furrows @ Sneaky B Studios (4.4.11)

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so, as regular readers of SAJ know, i’ve pretty much gone from a weekly schedule to “post whenever i can find the time” because i’ve gotten busy with paid work.  and one of those assignments was shooting photos for the summer 2011 issue of BOOM Jackson.

one of the assignments was to get a photo of the band Furrows.

whenever i shoot a band, i always try to avoid the clichĂ©d band photos.  y’know, the “put band in front of a brick wall” or shoot band standing on or around railroad tracks” type of photos.  so, i decided i wanted to shoot them in a recording studio.  i got in touch with Byron who, along with being the owner of Sneaky Beans is also the owner of Sneaky B Studios and asked if it was cool if i shot them in there since i’ve shot other groups in there before.

he said sure and, come to find out, the band was gonna be practicing there anyway and, after getting in touch with them, they said it was cool if i hung around, after the “official” shoot and just shot them while practicing.

sounded good to me 🙂

(make sure to check out the summer issue of BOOM Jackson to see the photo from the “official” shoot!)


[Model Shoot] Thuy Tran – Downtown Jackson (5.22.11)

Posted in 2011, Color, Digital, Fashion, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on May 26, 2011

i can’t believe it’s already been a year since the last time Thuy and i have shot together.  way past time to make it happen again.

the last time we got together we did a vintage style shoot over at The Commons.  i knew i wanted to do something completely different this time around and i knew i wanted it to be fashion.

i’ve been getting really into fashion lately, but haven’t had much of a chance to shoot it. (not since that PORTICO Jackson shoot last December) so figured this was the moment 🙂

so, a week before the shoot, i emailed Thuy some photo touchstones of the feel i was going for and then we met up a few days later to continue talking over ideas (what kind of make-up, hair style, clothes, etc.) and to nail down a time.

after that, i went to go scout out some locations i had in mind.  i knew i wanted it to have an “urban/summertime in the city” type of feel so that’s what i kept an eye out for as i drove around.  i found three spots that i liked (well, four actually, but even after i found the 4th spot, i knew i wouldn’t be shooting there, but it would go on my list of “future places to shoot”) so i made a note of them in my ipod touch and then went home to start making a list of the equipment i would need.

i wanted to play around with different light modifiers, so i decided to take 3 different ones.  a 20″ gridspot, a beauty dish, and my Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox.  and i needed a battery pack to provide power for my light source; an Alien Bee 1600.  (many thanks to my friend Tom for letting me borrow his gridspot, beauty dish, and battery pack)

Thuy, in addition to being a great model, can also do make-up and hair.  so, since she knew the feel we were going for, she took care of both wonderfully.  she also has a large collection of clothes, so she took care of that part too.  trust me, i could go on and on about how much she rocks, so just trust me, Thuy rocks.

the day of the shoot, one of the three locations was blocked off for some reason, so we just shot in two.  which actually worked out better i think.  it meant less running around.  and it also let me focus on making each one unique.  so the first location became the “urban” theme and the second “summertime in the city”.

heh, i think this is the longest opening i’ve done so let’s get to the photos.  i’ll fill in the rest of the details as we go!


[Behind The Scenes] Jamie Ainsworth Shoot (11.9.10)

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yeah, i know, it’s been awhile.  i’ve actually been pretty busy shooting for BOOM Jackson and assisting Tom Beck on some of his photos shoots.  both things are very good things, but the trade off is that this isn’t really a weekly photoblog anymore.  but you gotta take the good with the bad!  those are just the facts of life! 😉

speaking of assisting tom, whenever i assist him on a shoot, i tend to take lots of behind the scenes photos.  i’ve always loved looking at photos like that and since i also love documentary style photography i really enjoy doing it.

so, figured i would finally start to post some of them.

these are all from the Jamie Ainsworth shoot.

the team!

photographer: Tom Beck

model: Jamie Ainsworth

mua/hair: Leah Vincent

photo assists: Meredith Norwood & William Patrick Butler

location: The Commons