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[Model Shoot] Hanh – Downtown Jackson (8.10.09)

Posted in 2009, black and white, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on August 31, 2009

so, funny story about this shoot

(looks and sees Maggie already laughing)

well, a few days before this shoot, my friend Maggie gave me some spare 1GB SD cards that she doesn’t use anymore so i’d have more shooting memory.

a few days before that i’d just gotten done shooting The Bachelorettes/Senryu Wedding and had only dumped the 2GB card i filled up shooting that (but then filled that one up early this same day shooting Sara Mac).  the other two 1GB cards i used to shoot that were still full though.

what do those two things have to do with the Hanh shoot?

Hanh - Downtown Jackson (8.10.09) (2 of 2)

the story continues!


[Model Shoot] Sara Mac – The Yellow Series (8.10.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post, The Yellow Series by William Patrick Butler on August 22, 2009

model shoot month continues!

didn’t know it was model shoot month? don’t worry, i didn’t either!  but, looking back at the last two posts and knowing that, even after this post, i have two more model shoots to put up (and have another photoshoot in store) that, hell, may as well make it an event 🙂

so, this week brings us my friend Sara Mac.

like Jessica, i’ve photographed Sara Mac before, but still wanted to do it again.

not because i thought i could do better than before, but because i think Sara is fun to shoot and, just like before, she was back in america for a couple of weeks from south korea so, the time was right

so, having fallen in love with that “magic hour” early morning light i, once again, made a friend/model wake up at the crack of dawn and set off to take some photos.

Sara Mac - The Yellow Series (8.10.09) (18 of 29)

click for yellow dresses and golden sun

[Model Shoot] Jessica – The White Robe Series (7.26.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Last Jackson Photoshoot Series, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on August 13, 2009

and the Last Jackson Photoshoot Series continues (and maybe concludes) with Jessica and “The White Robe Series”

so.  i’ve always wanted to shoot somebody during the “magic hour“.  but i didn’t want to do it in the evening.

of course, finding someone to wake up around 5-something in the morning so they can have a camera in their face around 6-something isn’t an easy feat to pull off.

luckly, Jessica is made of win 🙂

when i got to her house to pick her up, she came to the door still in her robe, and we both sat on the couch, trying to wake up a little bit more before setting off.

as we’re sitting Jess goes, “y’know *yawn* i don’t feel like getting dressed.  think we can just do the shoot with me in my robe?”

Me: “let’s do this.”

and off we went

Jessica White Robe Series (8 of 28)

if those eyes can’t make you click, then nothing can

[Model Shoot] Jessica @ Amite Building (7.20.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Last Jackson Photoshoot Series, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on August 6, 2009

i’ve been really looking forward to posting these

so, my friend Jessica (who i’ve photographed before) is moving to Austin.

but, before she headed out we decided to have, what we came to call, “Jessica’s Last Jackson Photoshoot Series”.

so, like most photographers, i tend to scout places out in my free time or, if i just happen to come across a cool place i’ll file it away in my mental “gotta shoot here one day!” folder.

now, if you’re a “Scenes Around Jackson” veteren, you should know that, when we were shooting the Storage 24 music video we came across a cool, abandoned building that had just great light.  (scroll down a bit. the photos of us shooting in there are near the end of the post)

so, of course, i filed it away in that handy mental folder.

when me and Jess started making plans about were to shoot the conversation went a little like this (paraphrasing a bit…)

Me: sooooo…you up to breaking into an abandoned building in downtown jackson after you get off of work for our shoot?  we may or may not have to dodge some homeless people if they’re already in there.

Jess:  hell yeah!  i love abandoned buildings!  i have hats!

Me: excellent!

Jessica @ Amite Building (1 of 24)

and so it came to pass…