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we are experiencing technical difficulties…

Posted in 2011, Uncategorized by William Patrick Butler on September 8, 2011

my trusty DELL desktop, that i got for my birthday back in March of 2004, finally gave up the ghost last month.

*tips a 40 oz.*

i’m currently using my sister’s old laptop (and by old, i mean, this thing was state of the art…back in 2001) so, i’m able to use the internet but not much else (since it tends to overheat every 30 or so min and it’s so slow it can’t read any of my external harddrives, which are the drives i keep all my photos on.  and far to slow to run anything like Lightroom or Photoshop.)

so! until i save up to get a new system, gonna have to put Scenes Around Jackson on temporary hiatus.

but I! Shall! Return! 🙂