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[Remixes] Karyn’s Wedding

Posted in 2013, Color, Digital, Photo Post, remixes by William Patrick Butler on March 11, 2013

so, one of my goals for 2013 is to completely re-examine how i approach my photography. i felt like i was getting stuck in a rut and i wanted to shake some of the cobwebs off.

giving my professional website a complete update and overhaul was one of those steps.

i even started a new photography tumblr.

and i started wondering; with me wanting to try new things with my photography, how would i approach the final edit of some past images.

so i decided to find out.

since i don’t tend to shoot weddings, whenever i do end up shooting one for a friend i tend not to post the photos, since i hate having to tell people no when they ask if i’ll shoot theirs.

but i’ve always liked these photos i shot of my friend Karyn’s wedding and i figured they would make a good experiment.  i shot these back in 2008 (wow, it’s been awhile) and i was interested how 2013-Pat would edit 2008-Pat.

so, let’s go see.

if you want to compare and contrast, here are two facebook albums with the original photos 🙂

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (4 of 13)

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (1 of 13)

this is still one of my favorite photos i’ve ever taken of J. and it was the first photo i took after i got to the church. it was just a simple light test. but man, i love it.

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (2 of 13)

it’s laura!

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (5 of 13)

it’s kerry!

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (vertical) (1 of 5)

it’s the flower girl, walking in the sun

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (vertical) (2 of 5)

it’s the bride! 🙂

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (vertical) (3 of 5)

bride and groom!

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (vertical) (4 of 5)

it’s gabe!

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (3 of 13)

it’s mark!

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (6 of 13)

it’s jeff!

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (10 of 13)

one of my fav photos

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (7 of 13)

heh, gabe is tripping me out

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (8 of 13)

love this shot too

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (12 of 13)

somebody’s little girl at the reception. no flash. shot at night with just the deck light to camera right as the only light source.

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (13 of 13)

mark catching the garter belt. boo-yah!

and to wrap it up…

Karyn's Wedding (remixed) (vertical) (5 of 5)

drink ’em if ya got ’em kerry. drink ’em if ya got ’em 😉

heh, and that will wrap it up.  looking forward to shooting all new stuff in the coming year!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post 🙂


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  1. Cyn Wise said, on March 11, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    “Somebody’s little girl” is my granddaughter! What a lovely picture!

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