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Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase @ Pix/Capri (12.22.12)

Posted in 2012, black and white, Color, Digital, Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on December 31, 2012

it’s the last post of the year for Scenes Around Jackson so you know what that means!

it means it’s time to check out the photos from the annual Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase!

this year was the 10th(!) anniversary! and for the 10th, just like for all previous years, they held it in the heart of Fondren, at the Pix/Capri theater!

like i’ve said for the last few years, this is clocking in at about a 100+ photo post so don’t expect a lot of commentary from me.

so sit back and enjoy photos of a rocking show!

and, as always, let’s give props to Stephen Barnett of Davaine Lighting for lighting so awesome, we need to come up with a better word than “awesome” to describe it! 🙂

so, without further ado:

The Line-Up! (in order of appearance)







well let’s not waste any time!

first up:


Johnny B was even called on stage for a quick guest appearance during the set!

T.B. Ledford ladies and gents!

next up:


Johnny B and the Golden Bicycles everybody!

and the crowd goes wild!

next up:


El Obo ladies and gents!



and that was Bear Colony!

oh! and here’s Chaney (the mastermind behind Esperanza) reminding us all to buy Bear Colony’s new album!

next up:


ok, there aren’t gonna be a lot of photos in this set because QiD took shit to the next level and set up a projection screen behind them, killed all the lights, and played while the crowd watched old school 3D videos behind them!

here’s Chaney getting ready to pass out all the 3D glasses!

here’s Daniel Guaqueta, drummer of QiD, looking like a bad-ass space alien passing out the glasses

damn, what a great set!

Questions in Dialect folks!

next up, the band that’s gonna close out the set and made all us photographers work harder to shoot because their fans pushed the barricades all the way to the front of the stage so we lost the photo pit. rock and roll baby!:


this was around the time we had to start shooting from the stage because the fans had pushed all the way to the front of the stage.

it doesn’t get more rock and roll than that!

man, they loved themselves some Weeks!

and i figured i’d start to wrap things up black and white style

The Weeks!

and that will wrap up the 10th Annual Esperanza Holiday Showcase and the last post of 2012 for Scenes Around Jackson!

year after year, i look forward to shooting the Showcase and this year rocked liked all the others!

looking back, 2012 was a pretty slow photo year for Scenes Around Jackson and for myself too.  i mean, including this post, i only posted 10(!) times this year!  when i first started this blog out i was posting, at least, once a week!  part of it was it just being a slow photo year. but the other part was i just wasn’t pushing myself to shoot.

that’s gonna change for 2013.  stay tuned.

ok, i need to go help take down the christmas lights and then hop on the road for Starkville for some New Years Eve fun!

so Chaney, what time is it?!

that’s right!  ya’ll ain’t got to go home, but ya gotta get the hell outta here! 🙂

have a Happy, Safe, and Fun New Years everybody!

see ya next year! 😉


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