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[Model Shoot] Peach – NOLA (Oct. 2012)

Posted in 2012, black and white, Color, Digital, model shoot, nsfw, Photo Post, polaroid by William Patrick Butler on November 28, 2012

well, this was a shoot that was a long time coming.

Peach and i have been friends for a couple of years now, and we kept meaning to find the time to shoot together but, y’know, life kept happening.

around a few months back, we decided to get serious about meeting up so we made plans to do it and then her car broke down so we had to push it back and then, after she got her car fixed,  my car breaks down so I had to push it back.

finally, after a month or two (and both cars being fixed), we settled on me coming to crash with her, at her place in New Orleans, for 5 days in the second week of October so we could just hang and shoot like crazy a week before she left for San Francisco to hang and shoot with our mutual friend Finch.

and shoot like crazy we did!  we shot many different styles in many different locations, both inside and outside.

i won’t be posting everything we shot (just my personal favs) since a lot of these are destined for other sites such as GodsGirlsZivity, and Peach’s own personal site so they get first dibs.

but i also shot some polaroids of her so i’ll post all of those since those aren’t destined for any other site.

i also shot a lot of Instagram shots of some behind the scenes stuff that i’ll post up too, for the same reason.

alrighty, some stats before we get to it!

Model/MUA/Hair: Peach

Camera(s): Pentax K100D, Polaroid 420 Land Camera, iPhone 4S

Lights: AlienBee 1600 w/a Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox and a silver field reflector as modifiers.  also used a Nikon Speedlight SB-600 when we were “running and gunning” outside.

let’s do this!

(oh, all the titles for the different shoots came from me. i’m sure Peach will think up better ones whenever we send these off)

A Southern Peach, Wrapped In Scarlet 

A Peach In Afternoon Light

A Peach In Sin City

A Peach At The Levee

A Peach Among The Graffitied Pool

A Peach At The Beach

A Peach In Bed

to start off, i figured i’d post an instagram of all that equipment i listed above the cut.

so, my first day in NOLA was just spent hanging with Peach and checking out the first shoot location, which was one of her friend’s house.  they had just moved in so it was pretty much empty except for some beds, computers, and a tv.  in fact the entire back room, where the washer/dryer would go, was just completely empty.  and the entire place got great, natural, light so it was perfect.

so that’s where we headed, the next day, for Day One.

Day One

this ended up being our busiest day.  the first 3 out of the 7 shoots that we did, we did on Day One.

a BTS instagram of Peach getting all dolled up before we start shooting our first set of the day.

one of her friends that lived there had red bedsheets that went perfectly with the silk red robe and red stockings that Peach brought with her for the shoot.  when stuff that you don’t plan works out perfectly, that equals all kinds of awesome.

i thought about setting up lights for this, but when i saw how great the sunlight from the window was falling on her i knew the only light i need was that.

this is one of Peach’s favs from this set.

and this is one of my favs.

such a simple lighting set up, but it worked oh so well.

and it really let me play with the shadows it cast too.

love how her red lips are highlighted by the sun here.

playing with light and shadow.

i figure only showing 8 photos per set is a good number.  since each set is at least 40+ photos.

here are the two polaroids i shot when we were shooting this set:

this is when we were just about to get started and Peach still had her hair down.

and here’s one i took in the middle of the shoot, when i saw how nice she looked in that light.

after we were done in here, we changed location and went to the empty room in the back of the house.

i loved loved loved the lighting in here.  it wasn’t a big room but it had that screen door that lead to the backyard and two windows to the right of it that just let in wonderful light.

and the walls of the room were white so, pretty much, it made the entire room into a big softbox.

so, i decided early on that i wanted everything we shot to have it’s own “feel”.

after seeing how this room treated the light it was getting, i knew i wanted this one to have more of a soft, lazy feel to it.  so, this is another set where i just used the natural lighting.

stepping outside to shoot some through the screen door

just love that lighting.

outside again, but this time i kept the screen door open.

it’s easy to forget that the best light can just be natural light sometimes

and this will wrap up this set.

except for a polaroid shot and an instagram shot.

after this, it was time for something completely different.

we stayed in the same room, but Peach changed outfits and i actually set up some off camera lighting.

here’s how the lighting set-up looked:

heh at the Peach pout/frown.

so yeah, this next set was shot, pretty much, in that corner of the room, lit by the AlienBee with just the silver field reflector as a light modifier.

we both wanted to do something a bit more, i guess you would call it editorial, with this set.

when i saw Peach walk out, dressed all in black, i knew as i started shooting i would be making these into black and white.

i also knew i wouldn’t it to be really stark.  that Sin City type of black and white.

i also tried to pull back so i would get her full body in the frame.  i’ve really been trying to do that with my more recent shoots.

i actually didn’t have the AlienBee turned up that high.  the white walls were just excellent light bounces.

*cues up SIN CITY soundtrack*

i took an instagram of this pose too.  look for it at the end of this set.

one of my favorite shots in this set.

i love how the black of her hair and the black of her shoes frame her here.

just a great pose and a great way to wrap up this set and Day One.

no polaroids for this set, but here’s that instagram i was talking about.

this ended up one of my most liked posts on IG

Day Two

Day Two actually started off mid-afternoon with a walk down to one of the NOLA levees, near the Ninth Ward.

this was also our first outside shoot so, we were both a bit nervous/excited about it.

this was actually a good bit off the ground but i had faith in the solid workmanship of New Orleans levee builders.

heh, so we were trying to think up shot ideas, after we got up here, and Peach was all “i think i can get past all that barb wire and we can get closer to the water” and i was all “no, that’s old, rusty barb wire! that’s a tetanus shot in the making!”

it was at that moment i realized i’d become my mom.

blocking the sun from her eyes and setting up a cool shot.

after this one, we decided to stop risking arrest for a minute (there was a major road, to camera left of us.  not close enough to really see anything but not far enough away to see nothing if that makes any sense) and we decided to head down and get some shots in an abandoned train tunnel that was right down the path.

the IG version of this shot proved really popular too

have to admit, i really dig this shot.

Peach’s favorite shot of this set was the one i put above the cut.

after the tunnel we both decided that we just weren’t done on top of the levee so damn the man we went back for more shots!

it’s ok to get arrested if it’s for ART!

and as we were wrapping up the shoot and were walking down from the levee, i saw how the shadows of the fence were falling on here and just had to unpack my camera and grab this shot.  and it ended up being my fav.

ok, before we wrap up Day Two, here are some polaroids and IG shots

i’d run out of color film after Day One so now it’s all about the black/white.

and that will do it for Day Two!

Day Three

Day Three once again started off around the early to mid-afternoon hour but we added a new cast member to our team!

Peach’s boyfriend, Jamie, came with us this time.  One, for the company and two, since me and Peach wanted to break into an abandoned pool, we figured it’d be a good idea to have a little bit more back-up then just the two of us.

so off the three of us set for the abandoned pool that was a few blocks away from their house!  and after a little bit of crawling through holes in walls, and stepping over human poop (no, really, some homeless people had set up shop and pooped in there!) we made it to the actual pool area for some shooting!

see, wasn’t it worth the trip 😉

we start off, and shot mostly, in this corner.  One, because we both thought it looked really cool and Two, because it was the only way we could shoot were nobody could look out a window and see us from the school that was across the street.

once again, since we’re outside “running and gunning” the only camera lighting i was using (besides the sun) was my speedlite.

so, i was pretty much using my speedlite as fill and just letting the sun be my primary.

i have to give Peach credit for getting naked in here. after i didn’t even wanna touch anything LoL

y’know, this is one of the shots that has really grown on me.  i like the scale of it.

digging how the sun helps to high light her face

same corner, just went for a lower angle.

and we’ll end it with another wide “scale” shot.

so, funny story, whenever you see us going for a shot in the middle of the pool like this, we were really hustling.  they were really quick shots cause, if someone happened to look out the window of that school across the street they would have gotten an eye full.  so it was a lot of me going “ok ok, don’t uncover until i get in postion and get you in focus” and Peach going “are we ready?” while looking up at the windows and me going “ok now!” snap snap snap “got it, let’s get the hell out of here!” LoL

and now, here’s a polaroid and an instagram shot to wrap up Day Three

i really dig this shot

and that’ll do it 🙂

Day Four

Day Four was our last day of shooting and it ended up being our second busiest shoot day of the trip.

we shot at two locations; one outside and the other inside Peach’s friend’s Becca’s house.

so let’s get to it.  the first location was at this, almost secret place, beside the river.

once again, since we’re outside, i’m using my speedlite

after we got down near the river, we found this large overturned tree/log and knew we’d found our spot.

i really like that old style full piece swimsuit Peach was wearing that day.

some of my favorite photos of when i have Peach look directly into the camera.

we had a nice breeze blowing and i was loving how it made her hair look.

i’m standing on the same tree right now, to get this shot.  and there was still enough room for us to lay by camera bag and Peach’s clothes on the same tree behind me.  that’s how big and long this down tree was.

i really wanted to make sure i got a lot of the background too for this series, since it was such a great place and a beautiful day.

and this will wrap up the first part of Day Four!

oh, and here are the polaroids and instagram shots

and these will actually be the last polaroids of the shoot.  i tried to take one for the final shoot, but it was just too dark. so hope you enjoyed them!

another well received one from my IG feed and one of my personal favs too.

after this, we got all packed up and headed back to Peach and Jamie’s place to hang out and kill time till we could head over to Becca’s house later that night.

this last shoot ended up being a fav for Peach and myself.  it didn’t seem to last too long, cause we were both oh so tired after shooting for four days straight LoL, but we got some of our best shots that night i think.

plus, it was nice being back inside, not worried about cars passing by or folks walking up on us.  so we didn’t have to rush and i could actually use some off camera lighting.

anyway, let’s get to it!

i really love a lot about this. the wood paneling design on the wall, that kick ass bed, how Peach started off in all black.  just a lot i dig.

gotta admit, it was nice being able to use some off camera lighting again

after pealing out that black dress, it was time to show off her corset.

and then it was time to take it off

Peach really loves this photo and so do i.  like i’ve said before, having Peach look directly into the lens is always awesome.

love that halo effect lowering the fill light behind her added.

i really like how this one came out. it was hard to really tell, just looking at it in the back of the camera, but after i got it on the big screen, i just really dug it.

the, actual, very last shot i shot. after i saw what we had, i knew we could wrap it up.

which was a good thing since we, both, hit the wall and really couldn’t go on any further LoL.

ok, one last IG shot! plus, it shows what my set-up was for this entire shoot.

there ya go.

my fill light is to camera left and my main light source, which was my AlienBee inside my softbox, was camera right.


so there it is, the epic Pat and Peach Photofest 2K12 🙂

gotta say, i’m glad we finally found time to make this happen, cause i had a blast 🙂

and i hope everyone else enjoyed this very long post too 🙂

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post!


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