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Jaime and Jeff’s (re)Marriage (9.8.12)

Posted in 2012, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on October 23, 2012

yikes! i meant to post about this last month but time just got away from me and then i went down to NOLA for about 5 days to shoot my friend Peach sooooo i’m just now catching up with these 🙂

so!  last month two of my very good friends, Jaime and Jeff, decided to get (re)married!  (pretty much, they were already married. had been married for years. but the first time they just went down to the court house. this was pretty much an excuse for them to finally have a ceremony to go with it) 🙂

and since i wasn’t the official photographer (yay) i could just hang out and shoot whatever i wanted.

which, also, gave me the excuse i needed to finally put a Fuji X-Pro1 that i was borrowing through its paces 🙂

i’d been wanting to shoot with this camera for awhile and it did not disappoint (except a little in one way, which i’ll cover at the end)

anywho, let’s get to the good times!

so the wedding was held during the afternoon in good ole, small town rustic Como, MS!  (a town i didn’t even know existed until this wedding)

here’s the house it was held in!  it belongs to a friend of Jaime’s and she was kind enough to let them have the wedding there 🙂

here’s a view of the bed and breakfast the wedding party stayed the night in the night before (and where everyone got dressed for the wedding the day of)

the view from the top of the balcony  at the bed and breakfast

friends and bridesmaids getting the bride all ready

the rest of the bridal party arrives

the groom arrives with groom jr.!

the rest of the groomsmen arrives

mary and misty show us the power of friendship!

quick self-port in the bathroom mirror!

jeff getting all groomed out

groom jr (better known as Jack) is wondering when this party is gonna get started

the bride is ready to roll

misty putting on her finishing touches

hailey and tate showing us friendship!

jack’s ready to roll

cool story here. Jeff saw me getting ready to take this photo and he had T.J. hold that pose as he attached his cufflink so i could get it. teamwork!

jeff and girl pat showing us friendship!

girl pat putting on her finishing touches

Asa and Jack showing us sibling love!

smoke ’em if ya got ’em

(smoking is bad for you kids)

checking out each other’s shoes

putting the finishing touches on the groom’s hair

from the bed and breakfast to the house, waiting for things to start

wedding guests!

jeff’s ready!

more guests are seated

everybody looking up as Jaime makes her entrance

but first!  ms. asa as the flower girl!

awwwwwww ❤

everyone’s (re)married! time for the reception!

cupcake time!

asa is ready for those cupcakes!

G and Mary show us love!  they got engaged a few weeks later! ❤

awwww ❤

i love this photo

misty and J show us the meaning of friendship!

girl pat is all about the House of El

J posing at the old servants quarters

heh, i love this photo too

girl pat and aaron show us friendship!

jenni and misty show us love! they got engaged a few weeks later too!  awwwwww ❤

love this photo too

jon smartphoning

aaron just chillin’

adrienne looking over at something pass aaron

pure misty

pure J

one of those rare photos with me in it!

misty’s bad-ass shoes

it’s sam!

love that focus

awwwwww ❤

another shot i really love

and we’ll wrap it up with friendship!  🙂

man, not only was this a great time but man oh man how i loved shooting with the Fuji X-Pro1!

i hated giving it back up.  it was, really, everything i’ve been looking for in a camera.  not too big, not too small, light weight, quiet, sharp 35mm prime lens, everything!

the only flaw, like i mentioned at the top of the cut, was the autofocus.  in low light it really had to hunt to find the spot you wanted to focus on and, even when there was enough light, it was slow.  way too slow.


according to the internet and sources that i trust, the 2.0 firmware update Fuji released for the XPro1 totally eliminates that flaw!  and if that’s true, then this camera is pretty close to perfect for it’s weight class.

anyway, that should do it for this post.


i’ve changed the sizes of the photos that i post on here from 600pix to 800pix wide!  i’ve been thinking about it for awhile and i’ve decided i like ’em a little bigger.  what does everyone else think? 🙂

next post will be some select photos of the Peach shoot!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post!


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