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[From The Archives] 1998

Posted in black and white, Film, From The Archives, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on May 30, 2012

it’s time to, once again, warm up the ole flux-capacitor and hop in the TARDIS and take a journey back to my past.

in 1998 i was still living in memphis, finishing up my first semester at the Memphis College of Art and getting ready to start my second year there.

like my 1997 post, the majority of these photos have never been seen before, by anyone but me.

so let’s check out what 21 year old Pat and his friends were up to in 1998!

(man, being a poor art student and never eating a full meal meant i was pretty thin back then LoL)

that camera i’m shooting with is a Canon AE-1 Program.  it’s the camera i used all through out school and after i was done with school.  in fact, i used my “ole workhorse” up until i got my first DSLR around 2005.

this is my best friend, and roommate at the time, Rion.

heh, one thing about being the roommate of a photo major, it means you’re gonna get shot a lot LoL

this is another one of my best friends, Jaime, hanging out outside our front door (hm, i wonder what she was reading)

also, these photos aren’t gonna be in any kind of order.

it was, and continues to be, all about the comics 😉

oh, and gaming, can’t forget gaming (this was the Montreal by Night sourcebook)

this was a shot i ended up using for a lighting assignment

another one of my best friends Marsh

let’s take a quick look around his old room!

yes, those were all his posters

his old 300 disc CD changer (he still has that)

my friend Tracy, hanging out over at our place.  she’s getting married this june! 🙂

(and yes, i did scan the negative the right way. that poster in the background is actually just reversed)

my boy Aaron, chatting on the computer at his and karyn’s old place

some of the old crew, hanging out at aaron and karyn’s old place (karyn is in the white shirt)

Jaime flipping me off

ahhh friendship!

Jaime talking to…

Davery, her boyfriend at the time.

heh, i actually remember taking these that night.  i had already gotten the two individual shots but i knew i wanted to get one with them together.  they had actually finished their convo/cigarettes and were getting ready to head back inside when i made them stand back together and pretend to still be talking while i got the shot i wanted LoL

it’s my cat, Kieu!

huh, i’ve forgotten who took this, but it’s my and one of my best friends, Nancy, hanging out at her place in Rome, Georgia

it’s Tammie!

and back to nancy, getting mad that i’m still taking pictures of her :p

this was a statue at a local church that i shot one night, while driving around, looking for stuff to help me finish up the roll of film i was on

for some reason, i let someone talk me into shooting someone’s band photos, even though i had absolutely no idea what the hell i was doing LoL

i mean, really 21 year old/first year photo major Pat?  let’s do band photos in the middle of the night with only the available light as a lighting source?! LoL

i’m shocked any of these came out

the best one of the bunch.

trust me, i’ve gotten a lot better. 😉

it’s rion’s dog, Maya

heh, marsh and rion making up marvel rpg characters.  i have no idea why rion is making that face LoL

and now for a change of pace, here’s a shot of my family, right before we head to church, and my sister’s good friend from Japan, Yoko 🙂

from left to right; my aunt linda, my ma, my sis Jen, and Yoko

19 year old jen is too cool for school :p

jaime crashing in my bed

rion and our friend, George playing…uh, i think it was RISK

man, george was crazy as hell.  no, i mean really crazy LoL

Beville, at his old house in Jackson

rion’s girlfriend at the time, Tonya

rion on the phone

jaime on the phone

rion on the phone again

heh, whenever my friends would get tired of me shooting them, i’d just wait till they were on the phone cause that meant they couldn’t dodge me then

ahh the era before cell phones

jaime sleeping on the couch

rion sleeping on the couch

jaime and rion

heh, i have no idea who these two are or were.

really, i was at the apartment one night and rion and tonya brought them over to crash cause they were homeless and needed a place to stay for the night


so they crashed on the floor and the next day they were gone.

wonder whatever happened to them

the IHOP across the street from our place

soooo many late nights were spent there

our friend Rain talking to rion.  i think rion was hitting on her right here LoL

jaime lighting up

soooo one day, one of our downstairs neighbor friends asked if i and my friend who was hanging out at the time, Christye, could babysit her daughter for a few hours while she ran a few errands.  i don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that i said yes or the fact she would trust us with her kid LoL

Christye’s puppy at the time

one of my favorite pics

rion in his room

jaime at the computer

rion walking up the steps to get to our apartment

this shot, and the next two, were rion and tonya helping me out with a mid-term photo project.

i made up an entire storyline about this couple and asked them to portray it.

and we’ll wrap up this trip through the archives with this shot.

this was a girl rion was dating, after him and tonya broke up.

this was downtown, at the memphis greyhound station when she was moving away from memphis, going…well, i’ve forgotten.

always liked this shot though.

man, i’m still amazed at how much film i went through back in those days.  hell, i can’t believe it’s been 14 years(!) since 1998 LoL

anyway, next time i have time to scan them in, [from the archives] 1999!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post!


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