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[Behind The Scenes] The Renee Agency Model Bootcamp (4.7.12)

Posted in 2012, Behind The Scenes, black and white, Digital, Fashion, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on April 18, 2012

wow, you get busy and you look up and you’ve completely forgotten to update your blog for an entire month!

so, many apologies everyone, but with real life getting in the way and planning out 30 Days and 30 Nights, a photo project with the amazing Nettie Harris (which i’ll be talking more about soon) i’ve just been busier than usual.

but enough of that, let’s get to the photos! 🙂

so, Chanelle Renee, of the new Renee Agency, and I have known each other for a bit.  we were talking on facebook a couple of weeks ago and i mentioned that when she put on another show i’d love to shoot the behind the scenes of it.  i’ve always loved that type/style of photography.  anyway, she said she’d keep me in mind and a few days later she asked if i’d be free to shoot some documentary/behind the scenes type photos of a model bootcamp she was doing.  i said yes and away we went!

so, first off, i shot over 700+ photos.  i got that edited down to just over 300+ final images.  needless to say, i’m not posting all 300+ LoL

but i’ll be posting all the ones i really like

the day started off early in the morning at a local hotel here in jackson, ms

chanelle getting ready with a quick breakfast

chanelle’s partner, friend, and model runway coach, LaRue, checking his phone as they start to get all set up

laying down some tape so they can teach the models how to “walk the line”

testing it out

goodie bags!

the first model arrives and chanelle gives her her t-shirt for the day

t-shirt close up

even more models start to arrive and they each get a t-shirt

LaRue is an artist, yo! 😉

oh, and this would be a good time to mention that, since i only remember some of the model’s names, but not all of them, that in the interest of fairness i’ll just call all the bootcamp models “models” 🙂

the group grows!

waiting until a few more show up before they get the show started

picking out some background music

getting started

handing out the goodie bags

everyone getting to know each other better

after this, it was time to get this bootcamp started with some stretching

LaRue showing them how to stand correctly

now teaching them how to walk

and showing them how not to walk

chanelle is paying attention too 😉

chanelle’s assistant recording the day on chanelle’s samsung tablet

time to learn how to “smize” (smiling with your eyes)

recording away

stance instruction

time to walk that line!

chanelle showing how it’s done

LaRue giving some final instructions and then it was time for the ladies to try it themselves

the make-up artist arrives

just really like this shot

back to line walking instruction

after that, it was time to head outside for a runway challenge

let’s see what they’ve got!

after “walking the runway”, Chanelle and LaRue give further instruction

photographer J. Valentine arrives on the scene

and after high fives and smiles it was time to head back in and learn about skin care and make-up

teaching and listening

i really like those three mirror shots

checking to see who did the best with their make-up

she won!

and she gets a prize!

and that will wrap up the skin care/make-up part of the bootcamp!

next up, to the great outside to learn how to work in a group and with props!

it was a beautiful day and sooooo many mosquitoes LoL

getting out with the props at a local park; chanelle is ready to go!

LaRue is ready to go with his props too!

and the models have assembled!

let’s get to it!

getting to our picnic area

chanelle breaks the ladies into three separate groups; each group gets their own prop(s) that they have to figure out how to use and pose with and they get to pick their own location.  after they have some time to come up with ideas, J. Valentine will photograph them.

first group! hula hoops and on the dock!

next group, step ladder!

third group, beach balls in front of the lake

after that, it was time to get to shooting with J. Valentine

getting it all figured out

the rest of the models get together to watch the first shoot

J. Valentine goes to work

trying to figure out how they’re gonna pose while the first group gets shot

enjoying the day

wrapping up the first group shoot

the second group steps up to the plate

photographer at work

and that wraps up group two

off to go watch group three be shot in front of the lake

and this will wrap up the 3rd shoot!

after this we were running a little behind so we wrapped up all the outside shoots so we could get to Sterling Photography studios to wrap up the bootcamp with some professional styling and photoshoots!

celebrity stylist J.Bolin was also running a bootcamp for stylists and the two groups both met up at Sterling Photography.

the final challenge, for both the models and the stylists, was to pair up, come up with a theme, style it, and then model it while Will Sterling photographed them!

will sterling getting some moments on video

after everyone got matched up it was time to get them into make-up!

stylist and model waiting on their turn to get into make-up

coming up with ideas

love this shot

new group gets into make-up

chanelle and j. bolin checking in to see how the make-up is coming along

love this shot too

a stylist talking some make-up ideas over with her model

listening to her stylist’s make-up ideas

and the photoshootin’ starts

model and stylist

back in the make-up room

will sterling getting some behind the scenes pics too 😉

j. bolin posing with his assistant and a stylist from his previous stylist bootcamp

chanelle posing with a stylist and her model

yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, i like taking over the shoulder shots of other people while they shoot something

stylist posing with their model

the first of the last two models gets out of make-up and onto the set

ok, i just have to mention, this girl is only 14(!) years old

and look how fierce she is!

just amazing in my opinion

after everyone was shot, it was time to gather around the big screen to check out all the final photos so chanelle and j. bolin could pick out a final winner of the day

after all the images had been gone through, it was time to choose the runner-ups and the winners!

the runner-up stylist!

the runner-up model!

the grand prize stylist winner!

the grand prize model winner!

posing with the grand prize model winner

chanelle and j. bolin posing with their grand prize winners

and just what did they win?  they won a professional photoshoot with will sterling and a 4-6 page spread in DENIM Magazine!

well done ladies!

in fact, well done to the entire bootcamp group!  it was a 12+ hour day and ya’ll were champions!

and in closing:

a very tired photographer’s impromptu self-portrait 😉

have a good one everybody!

it’s good to be back 🙂

(and many thanks to tom beck for letting me borrow his camera to shoot all this) 🙂

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