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[From The Archives] Josh Hailey’s I Love Jackson Retrospective (12.2.10)

Posted in 2012, Color, Digital, From The Archives, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on February 7, 2012

have you ever shot so many photos that you’ve overlooked a crap ton of them?

no?  well, i have LoL

in an effort to correct that, it’s time to, once again, take a look through the archives!

so, back in the last month of 2010, Josh Hailey, a well known Jackson Creative, was getting ready to pack up his ole kit bag and move to the always sunny west coast

and what do you do when you’re getting ready to move?  that’s right, you throw a going away party!  which is just what josh did.

except, this going away party included the entire city of jackson, live music, food, drinks, and kick ass art!

so let’s warm up the flux-capacitor and hop in the TARDIS and re-live a really great night!

and remember, this isn’t Sparta…




it’s mr. josh hailey himself as the night starts off at the Arts Center of Mississippi.

this was only josh’s first outfit of the night.  heh, he would change outfits many times before the night was over.

Mathew Puckett giving a dark look to his dark touch 😉

it’s gretta and chris!

it’s rachel, amanda rainey, and chris!

it was packed that night!  all the art you see was done by josh throughout the years and on the walls are video testimonials wishing josh luck on his move and some behind the scenes of him putting this retrospective together

it’s J.Diddy!


it’s christina and robin jayne!

it’s model and graphic designer supreme Chanelle Renee!

it’s Blake and Brittania!

blake is a member of Storage 24 and brittania is one of the Girls of Rock i’ve photographed

and now it’s time to get to the first live music act!

TTOCCS REKARP takes the stage by storm!

TTOCCS REKARP is the creation of lead singer Daniel Q!

backing him up on vocals is MC supreme AJC of The Envelope Pushers!

let the rocking begin!

off the stage and into the crowd to show some love!

Daniel and the rest of the crew hold it down on stage while AJC shows some crowd love

josh in a new outfit, showing some love!

(and that’s Laura Meek in the background, taking a picture)

yep, dancers have taken the stage!

jason rocking it

crowd love

Tre takes the stage and starts rocking with (TR)!

and as the last song starts it just gets epic!

TTOCCS REKARP ladies and gentlemen!!

and as we wait for the next act to take the stage, some crowd love

in the middle is model supreme Jamie Ainsworth with her crew!

and then J-TRAN and the beautiful J-Tran Dancers took to the stage like a hurricane!

and yes, you’re seeing that right, Josh Hailey is the lead singer of J-Tran!

let the rocking begin!

Tre is the other half of J-Tran and he rocks it just as hard

Amile rocking it with the camera work

crowd love!

and there’s my boy Rion in the lower right background! one of my best friends, yo

and now so crowd love and some art before we switch back to watch J-Tran close out the night

it’s Jamie with photographer supreme Will Sterling!

it’s Rion!


it’s Chris and Rachel!  the First Couple of Jackson!

they’re getting married this year 🙂

rachel hugging amanda

awww! Bachelorettes are forever!

my boy murph, drummer supreme!  he was also the drummer for the TTOCCS REKARP set

it’s Valley and Taylor! (you can see them both in this music video) 🙂

and now it’s back to the music as J-Tran starts to close out the night!

and yes, josh has changed outfits again!

it’s matthew and amanda!

heh, amanda and ian!

rion busting a move!

and that was how the night was closed out!

as going away parties go, it was super-epic 🙂

a few weeks lately, josh and J-Tran performed at the 8th annual Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase and then, he was off for the sunny west!

currently, josh is in the middle of his PHOTAMERICA project. be sure to check that out!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post!


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