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Zac Harmon @ Farish Street Heritage Festival (8.4.10)

Posted in 2011, Color, Digital, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on December 16, 2011

i mentioned, way back in september of last year, that my friend rion had assisted me on a shoot for PORTICO Jackson but i was gonna wait to post the photos from that shoot until after that issue came out in november.  of last year.

so, as you can see, it took me awhile to get back to that but, figured i’d finally go ahead and post those photos LoL.

it was my first shoot for PORTICO and i was assigned to shoot Zac Harmon.  he was back in mississippi and would be performing at the Farish Street Heritage Festival.

PORTICO wanted some photos of him and then some photos of him when he was actually performing on stage.

so, after borrowing some lighting gear from my friend Tom Beck and asking rion if he would be down to assist me, i made my way downtown to farish street to get started.

the gear i borrowed from tom was his beauty dish and battery pack and rion and i set it up in front of the Alamo Theater.  i’d scouted it out a few days before the shoot and really thought that would be a great place to shoot a legendary blues musician.

i always like to get to shoots early, so i have time to get all set up and make sure the lighting is right so i don’t feel rushed.  and since that’s what i did for this shoot, it meant it was time to put rion in front of the camera to get some light tests

another photographer that was there working for the, hmm, i think it was the Jackson Advocate, saw me getting all set up and  came over to just talk so i decided to use her for my light test shots too 🙂

trying to see how the light was looking from different angles

after making sure i had the lighting were i wanted it, i was pretty much set.  all that was left was waiting for Zac to get there.

i’ll admit, it took a little bit longer than i thought. in fact, i was starting to get a little worried cause the sun was sinking lower and lower and i was worried that we’d lose the good light that we had.  but right when i was about to call his agent, to see if there was a problem, him and his band arrived and it was time to shoot 🙂

zac was really great to work with.  friendly, funny, and just an all around cool guy.

after taking a few more of him zac asked if i’d shoot him with his band.  cause, in his words, “i wouldn’t be who i am without them”.

and even though the assignment was only just supposed to be him, i with ahead and said “no problem” because i really liked the fact he didn’t make it all about him.  like i said, really cool guy.

after this, zac and the crew had to leave so they could go get ready for sound check so they’d be ready to perform so rion and i wandered around the festival

after grabbing this sunset shot, it was time to make my way over to the stage cause it was go time for zac and his crew

i had full access so i could walk around backstage too, which meant i could get some pretty nice angles that i normally wouldn’t be able to get

the crew running the lights were great. i just wish that there were more lights toward the back of the stage.  unless other members of the band moved up closer to zac, i really couldn’t shoot them.

i shot the concert with a combination of a 50mm prime lens and a 35mm prime lens

had to walk around towards the back, but i got the drummer 🙂

then walked back around and got the rest of the guys

and this was the last shot of the night.  also one of my favs.

after that, rion and i headed back to the car and that was that.

if you like zac harmon’s music, you really need to see him live.  he rocked it.

and that was my first shoot for PORTICO.  gotta say, it was pretty sweet. not everyday you get to meet a blues legend.

next post will be the last post of 2011.  so you know what that means! yep, time for the Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase!  it kicks off this weekend, and since this may be the last one ever, you know i’ll be there shooting.

so, have a good one everybody.

see ya next week.


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