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[Model Shoot] Girls of Rock 2011 Calendar (2010)

Posted in 2011, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on December 5, 2011

Back in November of 2010, i was put in contact with the Rock 93.9 radio station down here in Jackson, MS.

they were working on putting together a “Girls of Rock” 2011 calendar and they wanted to go with a more professional photographer this time.

the models, the “Girls of Rock”, would be chosen in a series of contest sponsored by Rock 93 and held at different bars/clubs around the city.  after 12 girls were picked, that’s when i would take over and start shooting.

so, for the last week of november and first week of december i, along with my friend Rion who was also my assistant, shot my first calendar at different locations around Jackson.

and since 2011 will be ending in a few weeks (wow, this year went by fast) i figure i’d go ahead and post a few of the photos.

instead of going in the order i shot them, since it’s a calendar i figured i’d go by month.  let’s get to it.


model: Ivana / location: trace park

for all the shoots, i used a combination of a soft box and/or beauty dish.  for this shoot, it was all soft box.  i have it off to the right on this shot and i let the sun fill in everything else.  the guy that owns the car was one of the sponsors of the calendar and he wanted one of his custom cars in the shot.

i actually shot another model, Savannah, right after i was done shooting ivana at this same location.  but since savannah is the month of june, you’re gonna have to wait a bit to see those shots 🙂

this was also one of those shoots were i could not have gotten it done if rion wasn’t helping me.  it was so windy that day that, without him there, my lights would not have stayed up.  yay for friends who work for free! :p

i think three photos per month/model is good.  so let’s move on.


model: Brittania / location: [redacted]

yeah, gonna play it a little fast and loose with the location on this one, cause someone i respect asked me to. but i can tell you that this shoot was sponsored by The Fish Bowl, which is where the snake and lizard(?) came from.

so, one of the main things that was required of this shoot was that they wanted that aquarium in the shots.  which meant i had to balance the off camera lighting with the light coming out of the aquarium, while  still making sure brittania was well lit.  yeah, it was tricky LoL but i really like the end result.  and brittania was just really cool and a great model.

also, she’s a tattoo artist over at TWIZTID IMAGES TATTOOS and PIERCING and she ended up doing two of rion’s first tattoos a few weeks later.


model: Kimber / location: rock 93.9

man this was a really tight location.  and by tight i mean a really tight squeeze up in that booth LoL.

there was barely space for me and kimber so there was no room at all for off camera lights.  i still used them though, just had to put them outside the room and crank up the power so the light would still be good coming through the window into the room.

kimber was a great model and, despite the very small space, i think we made it work.


model: Courtney / location: poets II

courtney was actually the very first model i shot for the entire calendar so, as you can imagine, i was a little nervous going into it.  but after the first few shots we got in the groove and the rest of the shoot was all gravy.

(and yes, bud light was also one of the sponsors) 🙂

i actually had to use both the softbox and beauty dish for this shoot.  the softbox i used to light courtney and the beauty dish i used to throw some light on the background, cause it was looking too dark without it.

after this shoot, i was no longer nervous for any of the rest.  just needed to shake off the cobwebs of momentary self-doubt 🙂


model: Bailey / location: southern beverage company, inc.

if you guessed that bud light and cult were both sponsors then, yep, now you know why all of that is in these photos!

all the rock 93 shirts we had were a bit too big for her so, it was actually her idea to cut it up and wear it like that.  hey, it works

heh, this must be what it feels like to be a nascar photographer. sponsor logos everywhere!


model: Savannah / location: trace park

yep, savannah was the second model i was shooting at the trace park location after i was done shooting ivana.  and yes, the same guy that had the sports car also had custom bikes he wanted shot too.

pretty sweet bikes.

savannah was a blast to work with.  she was nervous, cause she had never modeled before but i think she did fine.  that was a long day of shooting, but it was also one of my favorite days too.  couldn’t ask for better weather to shoot in.

(oh, and i’m just using the soft box again.)


model: Leslie / location: fire

fire was a cool location to shoot in.  the guys in charge pretty much gave us the total run of the place so we had multiple spots to choose from.

hm, i’m actually having trouble remembering, but i think i used the beauty dish for all these shots.

the first shot was up on the main stage. the guys were cool enough to turn on the background lights for me and i told them i wanted them to leave the drum set up there.

the second shot was up behind the sound board.  they actually hung that banner in the background for me, just for this shot.

and this one was on one of the backroom pool tables.  the fire guys let us use one of their signed guitars.

this was a really fun shoot.


model: Erika / location: n/a

remember that guy who let us use his car and bikes for the trace park shoot, well he also let us come out to his garage a couple of days later so we could shoot erika with his custom boats.

erika is an actually model so this shoot went pretty quick. the hardest part was lighting it up.  it was pretty low light in their so i had to use the beauty dish to throw some light in the background while using the soft box to light erika.

oh, there was also another contest to being put in the Girls of Rock calendar and that was the cover contest. whoever won that would be the model put on the cover of the calendar.  erika won that part too, which is why i used a photo of her at the beginning.


model: Amanda / location: the bulldog

amanda has also done some modeling so this was another pretty quick and easy shoot.

i have to give rion credit for the idea to shoot her outside on the patio like this. i was just gonna shoot her inside but he’d walked outside for something, so this fountain on the patio and suggested it. and it was a good call.

really like this couch shot. so, let’s see, this shot was shot with the softbox, the first shot, behind the bar was shot with the softbox lighting amanda and the beauty dish throwing some light on the background.  the outside shot was just shot with the beauty dish.



model: Kendra / location: renegade cigar

this was a fun shoot. kendra was a blast and it was also my second shoot of the entire project.  i’d just shot courtney earlier in the day so i was feeling pretty in the groove by now.

plus, that cigar shot was a total man-cave LoL. just a bunch of guys chillin’ watchin’ sports, talking business, and smoking cigars.

this shot was inside the vault (the building used to be a bank) and this is were they kept the really good cigars.

really loved that background wall mural.

and i shot all of these with the beauty dish.


model: Kerri / location: ugh. can’t remember the park name

man, the thing i remember the most about this shoot was that i felt so bad for kerri.  don’t let the blue sky fool you, it was really cold that day. cold and windy, which just made it colder.

but kerri never complained.  she was up for anything if it got the shot.

so i made sure to shoot as fast as i could so i wouldn’t keep her out there in that bikini any longer than i had to.

all of these were lit by the softbox.  really quick shoot.


model: Morgan / location: welty commons hall

once again, i found myself shooting over at the welty commons.  it really is a great location for shoots.

going a bit more for the “studio” feel, so, white backdrop, with the beauty dish as the background light and the soft box as the key light.

with morgan, we both knew she was gonna be “december” so we made sure to have that hat 🙂

and that will wrap it up!

i really enjoyed shooting this calendar.  it was a lot of hard work, but it also proved, mostly to myself, that i could do something that was so “large scale.”  i mean, this was my first time have to organize multiple shoots with multiple models at multiple locations. and i was being paid a nice sum of money so, like the saying goes, failure wasn’t an option LoL

but rock 93 and all the models were happy with the final product so that’s a win 🙂

well, i have no idea what i’ll be posting next week.  the only new thing coming up (besides me working on my photobook project) is the annual Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase at the Pix/Capri on the 17th. (odds are, this is the last one so for sure i’ll be there to shoot it)

i’m sure i’ll find something in my archives to post for next week though 🙂

anyway, that’s it for this week!

have a good one everybody!


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  2. amirulbakhri Photography said, on July 6, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    your outdoor lighting is superb ! what u use ?

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