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OccupyJackson @ Smith Park (10.15.11)

Posted in 2011, black and white, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on November 28, 2011

and so it came to pass that on the 15th of October in the  year 2011, the Occupy Mississippi movement, standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. and the global Occupy Movement, organized in Jackson at Smith Park.

these are the photos of a beginning

i got there about an hour or two into the start of it.

the bulk of the Occupiers were doing a march around the Capitol so i decided to wait at Smith Park until they got back

around this point is when everyone who had marched to the Capitol started to make their way back

a giant banner that everyone was signing.

“remember, remember…”

Carl Gibson from US Uncut is the cowboy and the lady to the right is Elizabeth Waibel, a reporter for the Jackson Free Press.

Up The Creek brought free food for everyone at the park.  they were life savers 🙂

everyone digging into the food

ages were there. talking about past movements.

did i mention all ages? 🙂

this was the nice woman who brought all the food from Up The Creek

people had also brought ice and water and snack foods for everyone to share

around this time, a General Assembly was starting to gather and come to order

everyone comes to order and the General Assembly begins

(for more info on just what the General Assembly is and how it works, check out this link here)

there were, if i’m remembering correctly, about 5 major items on the agenda that day. one of the biggest was if they were going to vote for permanent occupation of Smith Park.

voting begins on an agenda topic

calling on someone to speak

the guy speaking now is Dane Carney.  facebook friend of mine and one of the ones that helps to maintain the OccupyMississippi facebook page

talking about how to engage more with the Latino community (if i’m remembering correctly. man, i’m out of practice, i tend to take better notes then this while i’m shooting.)

he asked me to take his photo.


cleaning up after themselves

it’s Sue Harman. the least time i saw sue was at the Pro-Wisconsin Rally earlier this year (click the link to check out the photos from that)

keeping the minutes of the General Assembly

around this point is when the debate started on if they were gonna permanently occupy Smith Park

the vote is called for and given.

and so it came to pass that the General Assembly of OccupyJackson voted for permanent occupation of Smith Park.

after that pretty important vote, the G.A. drew to a close and adjourned.  then it was time to mingle and trade contact info

and that’s the beginning.

despite what some people may think, the people involved in this, in my opinion, are not ones to engage in any “tomfoolery“.

they seem very sincere and earnest and represent a diverse group of race and ages.  and, i’ll admit, i agree with a lot of what they’re talking about.

i look forward to seeing what happens, not just with Occupy Mississippi, but with the global Occupy Movement.

have a good one everybody.

see ya next post.


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