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[interlude 09]

Posted in 2011, black and white, Color, Digital, interlude, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on July 27, 2011

busy busy busy

i’m gonna be in a gallery show up in memphis this friday!

my friend cody is helping set it up and it’s called Some Art Round 3.

so, if you’re in the downtown memphis area at 517 S. Main St. on the day of Friday 29th between the hours of 6:00pm – 9:00pm, well i’d love to see you 🙂

and now, some photos from the series i’m using for the show.  these won’t be the ones i’m actually showing. to see those, well, come on up to downtown memphis this friday 🙂

(and one from a series that i may be showing next month)

next post will be a full post 🙂

ya’ll behave out there 🙂



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  1. […] was a good thing. i was pretty busy shooting for BOOM Jackson and assisting Tom on his shoots and putting together a gallery show up in memphis.  but the other part was bad because my trusty DELL desktop computer finally died on me so that […]

  2. […] been wanting to post since july of last year, but between wanting to hold up and show them in an art show first and then my old Dell dying i never got a chance to actually post them […]

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