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Furrows @ Sneaky B Studios (4.4.11)

Posted in 2011, Behind The Scenes, black and white, Digital, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on June 6, 2011

so, as regular readers of SAJ know, i’ve pretty much gone from a weekly schedule to “post whenever i can find the time” because i’ve gotten busy with paid work.  and one of those assignments was shooting photos for the summer 2011 issue of BOOM Jackson.

one of the assignments was to get a photo of the band Furrows.

whenever i shoot a band, i always try to avoid the clichéd band photos.  y’know, the “put band in front of a brick wall” or shoot band standing on or around railroad tracks” type of photos.  so, i decided i wanted to shoot them in a recording studio.  i got in touch with Byron who, along with being the owner of Sneaky Beans is also the owner of Sneaky B Studios and asked if it was cool if i shot them in there since i’ve shot other groups in there before.

he said sure and, come to find out, the band was gonna be practicing there anyway and, after getting in touch with them, they said it was cool if i hung around, after the “official” shoot and just shot them while practicing.

sounded good to me 🙂

(make sure to check out the summer issue of BOOM Jackson to see the photo from the “official” shoot!)

(Tyler getting warmed up)

after taking the official shot i broke down my lighting and while the guys were setting up, i slapped a 35mm lens on my camera.

(Barry getting in tune)

i’m making plans for a new photo project called 30 Days and 30 Nights and i know i wanna shot it using only a 35mm lens.

(Tony getting ready on drums, in the background)

so, whenever i have the chance, i like to use it so i can get used to the feel of it.

(Cody looking like a rock star)

since it’s a prime lens, meaning you can’t zoom in and out, it really makes you use different parts of your brain when you’re trying to figure out how to compose a shot.

(Jason laying it down)

like usual, the lighting was pretty low in the studio, so i had to really bump up my ISO and slow down my shutter to get the shots.

but since i knew i was gonna be converting these into black and white anyway, i wasn’t too worried about the colors or grain.

i was on the other side of the glass for this shot.

it’s not always easy to get the entire band in a shot when you’re shooting documentary style like this.  which would explain why i really like this shot 🙂

i really like shooting in this style

anybody know who did that tree illustration?

heh, tyler was actually talking to Taylor Hildebrand, off frame camera left, when i took this.  he had swung by to grab some gear.

that’s a lotta wine! 😉

and this was the last shot i got of tyler before he had to leave.  he had a gig to get to.

tyler leaving meant it was time for a smoke break!  it also meant we were outside listening to the tornado sirens going off.  a bad storm was passing through.

but that doesn’t mean band practice stops!

really like this shot

discussing the arrangement of the beats

really like this one too

and this was the last shot i grabbed before i wrapped it up and let them get back to practicing without me sticking a camera in their faces 🙂

many thanks to Furrows for letting me hang around and shoot them, it was blast.

have a good one everybody.

see ya next post!


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