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[Model Shoot] Jenifer Day @ The Levee (1.7.11)

Posted in 2011, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post, strobist by William Patrick Butler on January 12, 2011

it’s 2011 and welcome to the first Scenes Around Jackson post of the new year!

after i made it back home from New Years, i immediately got to work shooting some assignments i had scheduled for BOOM Jackson (not a bad way to start a new year.  when the issue hits the stands in a few months, i’ll post some of the shots that weren’t used) but, after a week of shooting commercial work i was itching to start shooting some personal work.

enter ms. Jenifer Day! 🙂

ever since our last shoot, we’ve been trying to figure out a time where we could get together again, but just never could.  but when she announced she was moving last week, we both got into gear and made it happen.

and so it came to pass, that Jenifer and I found ourselves back on the levee i shot Jessica on, with nothing but my softbox and the light of the setting sun.

the friday of the shoot i still wasn’t, really, sure were we would be shooting at.  i had found a lot full of old, abandoned houses a few weeks ago and really wanted to shoot there but, after i did a quick drive-by of it, didn’t think it would be right for this shoot.

and then that’s when i remembered about the levee on Fortification St. that i’d shot jessica on about a year or so ago.  when me and jess shot there, it was during the sunrise, so figured it was fitting that the second time of me shooting there, it would be during sunset.

i was a little bit nervous shooting up there this time since there were still people around and/or leaving work.  last time i was out there it was early early in the morning on a sunday so didn’t really have to worry about people (and, y’know, technically, there are “no trespassing” signs on all the gates)  but after i saw people were using the path that runs over the levee to jog and power walk on, i figured we were cool 😉

this was more of a candid shot, testing to make sure i liked how i had my light set, but i really dig it.

and now we kick it into high gear as we start racing the light.

when the sun starts setting, it doesn’t slow down for art! 😉

that skirt you see is a Jenifer Day original.

if you’re think it’s made out of paper, you would be correct!  actually clippings from various magazines.  i love it.

one of my personal favs

not only were we racing the light, we were also fighting the wind.  turned out to be a really windy day and if it wasn’t for the good luck of finding a heavy ass stone up there and using it to anchor my light stand, i’m not sure if we could have pulled this shoot off.

thank you stone gods!

by this point, not only were we racing the sun and fighting the wind, but we were also racing to get as many shots before my portable battery i borrowed from my friend Tom Beck gave up the ghost.

in fact, this would be the last shot before it finally did just that.  but that didn’t mean the shoot was over!

we both wanted to keep going, we just had to find a power source.  and that meant finding a plug.  but before we get to the next part of the shoot, here’s a shot of my set-up for all the levee shots.

i pretty much kept Jen in that spot for the entire time and i was lighting her with an AlienBee b1600 inside of a 28″ Apollo softbox.

after i shot this, Jen went to go change and discovered that there were power outlets in the parking garage, underneath this office building that was just down the hill from us.

so that’s were we headed next!

Jen getting all ready and me testing my light settings.

Jen is fired up and ready to go and so am i! 🙂

this outfit is another Jenifer Day original too!

once again, i wasn’t really sure about shooting in here, since, y’know, we were technically on private property, but since it was after 5pm by this point, everyone had already gone home.

so, besides one guy that was leaving as i we were getting all set up (who waved to me as he walked to his car and promised he would be out the way soon.  i love jackson) we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

(another personal fav)

this will make the third time Jen and I have shot together, so, by now, we were pretty much talking in cliff note speech.

which means it was mostly: “could you move…?” *jen moves into a new position “yeah! yeah, right there. hold it!”

it pays having a friend who’s also a model

i love her hand jewelery on her left hand (camera right)

after that, we changed spots and moved closer to the entrance to the garage and i had jen go grab a pair of shades from her truck.

as i’ve mentioned before in some of last year’s posts, i’ve been trying to get in the practice of shooting more full body shots.

loved that i got those lights in the background

after that we went back to no shades (and i loved that arrow when i saw it on the ground. that was the whole reason i moved us down closer to the entrance.)

heh, this was kinda funny.  i knew i wanted to get some shots of her laying on the arrow, but i didn’t wanna ask her to lay down on the dirty concrete when Jen went “how about we get some with me laying on it?”

excellent! 😉

after this shot, i was running low on card space so it was time to start to wrap it up.  but i knew i wanted to grab some of her standing against one of the support columns.

here was the set-up:

yep, same 28″ Apollo softbox and yeah, it was that close to her.  (the closer your light source to your subject, the softer the light, the father away, the harder the light.  FLASH FACT!) 😉

these last series of shots are some of my favorites from the entire shoot.

the only direction i gave Jen was when i was pressing the shutter, because i had slowed down my shutter speed a lot to grab as much ambient light as possible, so she had to hold really still.

(when you’re using off camera lighting, shutter speed controls ambient light, aperture controls your flash exposure on your subject. FLASH FACT!)

i really love this shot

this one too 😉

love that hand jewelry

and that will wrap it up.

this was the actual last shot i got before my memory card said all full.  and i think it was a great way to end it.

so, once again, many thanks to the wonder Jenifer Day.  i hate that her and her man are moving, but i know they’re gonna have great adventures.

(besides, jen’s mom still lives around town and she’s already made jen promise to visit often. so this won’t be the last time we get together to shoot) 😉

like i said last post, i may not be able to keep up with a weekly schedule these days, but i promise to post a non-interlude post at least once a month.

happy 2011 everyone!  i think it’s starting off just right 🙂

see ya next post!


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  1. Matthew Magbee said, on January 12, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Love these shots!!

  2. Ruby N. Butler said, on January 15, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Great pics, P. Seems new equipment plus great model works out just right. (not to mention the greatest photographer in Jtown.) #1 fan

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