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[interlude 08]

Posted in 2010, black and white, Color, Digital, interlude, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on September 22, 2010

so, what’s been keeping me so busy that i can’t update weekly these days?  let’s do it in photo form:

assisting Tom Beck on a fashion shoot over at The Commons.  (this is Jamie Ainsworth modeling.)

photographing my Godfather for his new church program book.  (this is one of the more “artsy” shots i shot mainly for myself.)

took some headshots of young Isabelle up there.  (meredith norwood assisted me on this shoot.  my first time ever using an assistant) 🙂

assisted Tom again on an editorial style shoot up at the King Edward Hotel.  (model is Hannah Lyn Bryan)

to wrap it up, this is my friend Rion standing in as i test my light for a shoot i did for Portico Jackson.  (can’t tell you who the actual subject is yet, the photos won’t be featured in the magazine until November)

and that is why i’ve been to busy to do a proper post 🙂

(but expect a proper post soon!)


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  1. […] for the long long looooong wait between posts, but, as you probably gathered from the previous [interlude], i’ve been pretty busy these days.  but after i got paid for one of those things i’ve […]

  2. […] mentioned, way back in september of last year, that my friend rion had assisted me on a shoot for PORTICO Jackson but i was gonna wait to post […]

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