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Vintage Sara Mac [black/white film] (8.8.10)

Posted in 2010, black and white, Film, model shoot, Photo Post, Vintage Shoots by William Patrick Butler on August 25, 2010

welcome back to the Vintage Sara Mac series, this time in black and white film! 🙂

i shot all of these using a Mamiya RB67 that my boy Joey Miller has been kind enough to let me use (so be sure to click that link to check out his work!) 🙂

i developed the two black and white rolls last weekend and just got done scanning them all in.  i’ll be dropping off the two color rolls later this week but, odds are, it’s gonna take Deville Camera about two weeks to get those negs back to me.

let’s get to it!

(the two dresses you saw in last week’s post from SHESABETTIE! will make a return in the color rolls)

((all of these were shot on 120 Ilford black/white film. first roll was 50 ISO and the second roll was 400 ISO))

both of these rolls were shot in front of and on the grounds of the Old Capitol.

all of the following are from the first roll of 50 ISO film.

(behind sara is Capitol St. there are plans to turn it from a one-way street into a two-way street.  i support these plans.)

i really like how the negative boarders looked on these so, instead of cropping them out like i normally do, i decided to leave them in.

one of the things i love about the Mamiya RB67 is the fact that you can rotate the back so you can take vertical or horizontal photos without having to turn the entire camera.

(the “RB” in the name stands for “rotating back”.)

this was a shot that i wasn’t sure would come out because the sun was getting in my eyes, but i’m glad to see that it did

this is the photo that i almost posted as the above the cut photo.  but there was something about the lighting in the one i ended up using that i just adored.

and this one wraps up the 50 ISO roll.

next up, same location, just a different type of film.

the 400 ISO photos begin!

we’ve now moved from the grass and back to the front steps of the Old Capitol.  i really love this and the following shot.

pure sara mac

this is the building we parked behind to walk up to the Old Capitol.

i think it’s the back of the Jackson War Memorial building.

and that will wrap up the black/white film shoot!

this is also the very last shot i took of the entire full day of shooting, digital, color, and all.

i really enjoyed shooting with the Mamiya.  i’ve been wanting to do a shoot with it for awhile and i’m glad i finally did.

i also really like how the 50 ISO roll came out.  it was my first time shooting with film speed that slow so i was wondering how it would all look in the end.  i’d love to do a studio style shoot with film like that.  now i just need to find a studio LoL

the Vintage Sara Mac series will conclude in a few weeks after i get back and scan in the color negs.

after that, i’m trying to pull together a vintage shoot with my friend Ari.

and then, after that, it’ll be time to start on a new project that i’ve been thinking of doing for a long long time called Magnolia City Blues.

have a good one everybody!

see ya next week!


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  1. Andrea said, on August 27, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Nice images. I admire your willingness to tackle backlighting! I like the “haze and atmosphere” you are getting. If you want to make REAL black and white silver gelatin prints from these images check out my site Keep shooting those black and white images.

  2. Charlotte said, on January 6, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Great article but it didn’t have evihtyreng-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

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