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Vintage Sara Mac [digital] (8.8.10)

Posted in 2010, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post, Vintage Shoots by William Patrick Butler on August 18, 2010

well, the last two weeks have been really busy and hectic, which included a lot of traveling back and forth between Southaven/Olive Branch/Starkville to make sure my friends where all right.

but!  things seem to be working out and i’m back home in the Jacktown and that means it’s time for a Scenes Around Jackson post! 🙂

if you happened to read the previous [interlude] post, you’d know i was working on pulling together two shoots.  one with Sara Mac and the other with Storage 24.

well, time just ran out and i just couldn’t shoot Storage 24 in the short time i had before hopping back on the road to Southaven/Olive Branch.  (but i still plan on doing so at a later date)

which brings us back to sara mac.

it’s almost become a tradition now.  sara comes home for the summer from South Korea, and i grab her for a day and we have a shoot.  we’ve done it for the past 3 years and this year was no different 🙂

this year, i wanted to continue my vintage theme and i knew sara would be perfect for it.  but, just like with the first vintage shoot, a lot of things had to fall into place for it to happen.

so, many thanks to Meredith Norwood, for introducing me to Jennifer S. Graves.

Jennifer owns SHESABETTIE! Fine Vintage Clothing and Accessories and is the one that provided the first two outfits for the shoot.

many thanks ladies, couldn’t have done it without you.

(these are all the digital images.  the black/white and color film images i shot with a Mamiya RB67 will be up in the coming weeks.  i can’t wait.)

just like last year, we set out at around 6:30 in the morning.  but for a different reason.   it had been getting up into the 100s for the past few days, so getting started early was, pretty much, just us trying to knock everything out before the heat rolled in.

speaking of heat.  that kinda foggy look in this photo?  it isn’t a photoshop layer.  my camera had been in my nice, cool, air-conditioned car and i started shooting before realizing that the lens had fogged up due to the sudden change in temp.  heh.  but i still really like the shot.  🙂

this was about when i realized that the lens was fogged so i decided to switch to the Mamiya to give my Pentax DSLR time to defrost.

after grabbing some film shots, it was back to the digital.

heh, outtake shot 🙂

(also, one of the reasons why i really enjoy shooting sara mac.  it’s always fun and laid back.)

i really love this shot.  it was almost the above the cut opening photo, but you don’t see enough of the dress.

speaking of that dress, it used to belong to actress and fashion designer Tara Subkoff.

how cool is that?

these were all shot at the first location, which was in the middle of Fondren.  so why the lack of people?  well, it was an early sunday morning, and we’re in the south.  trust me, we weren’t the only heathens not at church, but that story comes a little later 😉

sara mac is a vintage super-hero!


little camera tech backstory:  i shot all these using a 50mm prime lens, with a f/stop of 2.8

i forgot how much i enjoyed shooting with a 50mm

yes, this is us in the middle of the street.  just the kind of things you can do when there’s no-one around.

(kids, don’t play out in the middle of the street, no matter how not busy it is)

one of the few times i really sped up the shutter speed

and then i slowed it right back down

heh, ok, there’s actually a whole lot happening in this shot.

first, i wanted to see if i could get sara and my reflection in the store windows (yes i could)

but if you look behind sara, you can see the reflection of a red SUV.

remember how i said we weren’t the only ones not in church?

well! in this red SUV were guys so drunk that i’m sure they shouldn’t have been driving (remember, this is still at, like, 7-something in the morning) LoL

they had passed by us before, while we were walking around and shooting, and came back for the express purpose of hitting on sara LoL

oh drunk logic, you so wacky!

i really loved this dress on sara.  when we met up with jennifer to pick out and try on dresses for the shoot, this was the first one we all loved.

and that wraps up the first dress and the first location!

on to the next one!

i really love the next series of shots.  it was a location i’ve been meaning to shoot at for awhile, ever since i saw those old railroad tracks and that “jackson” sign.

i kinda had this picture in my head of a fancy lady waiting for a train at a lonely station.

and this is the part of the shoot where i was really glad i decided to bring my digital.  since this was my first time using the Mamiya, i messed up loading the film AND i messed up figuring out the film advance for this part of the shoot.  so!  just in case none of the film shots of this location come out, enjoy the digital! 🙂

(those earrings belong to sara mac.  you can see them better in some upcoming shots.  i really liked them)

still trying to remember to pull back and get more full body shots.

and that will wrap up location two, outfit two!

next location, downtown jackson, in front of the Old Capitol.

see, aren’t those great earrings?  and i really like those vintage white gloves.

smile 🙂

outtake shot!

like sara said after i took this “i don’t mind wasting your shots when it’s digital, but i’d feel bad if i did it with film”

agreed LoL :p

we’ve moved over in front of another building on the Old Capitol grounds and i went ahead and had sara sit of the grass.

this dress actually belongs to sara.  she wore it when we hung out one night and i knew i wanted to shoot her in it.  i think it still fits the theme 🙂

yeah, i need to shoot with that 50mm more often

here’s the vertical of that shot.  i like both, so you get both.  just how i roll.

i really liked this spot.  even though the heat was starting to roll in by then, but the light was just so nice on the grass and on her.

but by this point, it was really starting to get damn hot LoL, so it was time to pack it in. 🙂

another year, another summertime photoshoot with sara mac! 🙂

sara may decide to come home for her winter break this year so there could be two shoots this year.  in not, we’ll be doing it again next year! 😉

once again, many thanks to SHESABETTIE! for the vintage dresses and gloves.  i look forward to working with Jennifer some more as i continue with this vintage theme 🙂

i’ll be heading into the darkroom (aka my bathroom) tonight to develop the two black/white negs and i’ll be shipping of the two color rolls soonish 🙂

have a good one everybody!

see ya next week!


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  1. Sheena said, on August 19, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Oh goodness Pat! She’s adorable! Love the first picture!

    I hope that we’ll be able to shoot together one day ❤

    • William Patrick Butler said, on August 21, 2010 at 12:03 pm

      many thanks sheena!
      and there’s nothing wrong with EXCLAMATION MARKS! 🙂

      and i hope we will too. in fact, we should make that happen! 🙂

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  3. […] i started using the Mamiya around the time i noticed that the lens on my DSLR had gotten fogged up from being taken out of a nice air-conditioned car and put to use during a slightly humid morning (as i wrote about in the first Vintage Sara Mac post) […]

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