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AJC and The Envelope Pushers Recording @ Sneaky B Studios (5.22.10)

Posted in 2010, Behind The Scenes, black and white, Digital, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on July 29, 2010

for a weekly photo blog i sure have been forgetting that “weekly” part :p

sorry about that everyone.  the summer months are always my busiest months, but i’ll try to do better!

speaking of doing better.

two months ago, back in may, AJC invented me to a recording session him and the other Envelope Pushers were having with Byron over at “Sneaky B Studios”.

(that’s not the real name of it.  in fact Byron hasn’t chosen a name yet.  so, till then, i’m going with “Sneaky B.”  because Byron is the owner of Sneaky Beans coffee house.  you see what i did there?) 🙂

the guys were laying down some tracks for their upcoming record and AJC had liked the shots i’d done of The Bacherlorettes when they were recording and wondered if i’d do the same for them?

and since you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already figured out my answer.

also, The Envelope Pushers will be performing July 30th up at Sneaky Beans!  show starts at 7pm and only $5 at the door!  make sure you check it out.  the boys put on a great live show!

ok, let’s get to it!

i wanted to get it as close to that film look as possible so i shot with a 35mm prime lens, wide open, and then kept the grain when i converted it to black/white.

Frank White was on drums so he’s getting all set up

Jerrell Moore was on one set of keys and this is him getting all set up on the other side of the glass.

that’s Gerald Morgan on the piano right there.  he was on the second set of keys.  (heh, he hated having his photo taken.  but i got some anyway!)

that’s Byron on the right, talking to Jeremy Grant, who was on lead guitar that day.

(i dig this shot)

Byron and AJC talking over what the game plan is

Byron making sure everything is being hooked up correctly

Brandon Jackson on bass

that 35mm didn’t let me down, shooting in only low available light

Byron at the master controls

this was around the time that the ole “hurry up and wait” hit.

small talking on the other side of the glass

Taylor Hildebrand dropped by to grab some equipment


Brandon doing some sound checking

the sound check continues, but now Frank joins in

Taylor, multitasking texts and Facebook

AJC starts laying down his vocals

Bryon, doing a little fine tuning

Jerrell laying down some smooth keys

the jam session has kicked in

“Brother” Mitch, chillin’ in the background 😉

took me three tries to nail this shot, the way i wanted it 🙂

grabbing a shot of AJC laying his vocals while on the other side of the glass

some behind the scenes small talking

Jeremy getting ready to lay down some of his guitar tracks

i honestly love going on shoots like this

i dig capturing all the behind the scenes stuff

Gerald pulls out the sax and lays some sax on it

starting to get everything all wrapped up

as you can tell from the background, the band has already packed up

Bryon final checking everything

The Envelope Pushers have left the building!

and that’ll wrap it up.

eagle eye followers of Scenes Around Jackson will notice that this is the same studio that The Bachelorettes recorded in, but back then it was Misha Hercules’ Olympic Records Studios.  very true.  but Misha moved to Oxford so Byron took over the spot.  and so it goes. 🙂

don’t forget to check out AJC and The Envelope Pushers LIVE at Sneaky Beans July 30th!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next week!


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  1. […] whenever i shoot a band, i always try to avoid the clichéd band photos.  y’know, the “put band in front of a brick wall” or shoot band standing on or around railroad tracks” type of photos.  so, i decided i wanted to shoot them in a recording studio.  i got in touch with Byron who, along with being the owner of Sneaky Beans is also the owner of Sneaky B Studios and asked if it was cool if i shot them in there since i’ve shot other groups in there before. […]

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