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[The Bedroom Series] Courtney and Rion (2007)

Posted in black and white, Film, Photo Post, The Bedroom Series by William Patrick Butler on July 7, 2010

this is a series i’ve been wanting to post for a long long time (since 2007 to be exact) but i never really could figure out a good place to post them to and i wanted to be sure i had Courtney’s permission to post them since some of the shots could be considered, hmm, i guess a litte risqué?

but here we go, The Bedroom Series

i actually want to do more Bedroom Series in the future.  in fact, that was always the plan.  i just haven’t found the time (or models) to shoot yet.  but keep your eyes peeled.

i shot this entire series in black/white film, with my Canon AE-1 Program camera, with a 50mm prime lens.  since it was at night, and the only light source we had were one or two lights, i was shooting wide open at f/1.8.

ahh, Miles Davis “Blue in Green” from his album Kind of Blue just came up on my youtube shuffle.  perfect music to post to.

this photo post kinda skirts the “rules” of Scenes Around Jackson since i didn’t shoot these in Jackson.  i was visiting Courtney and Rion (who you’ll see in the upcoming shots) in Texas.  but, i figure, where ever i go, i take Jackson with me, so it’s all good 😉

we started off in their bedroom were the only light source was a single bulb in a display case.  see why i love shooting with a 50mm prime?

i really love court’s pose in this

Proper Ladies are well read

kisses are best when they’re blown

wearing his shirt, waiting for your lover to return


moved into the front room to get some shots

the lovers

lick… (one of my favorite photos in this series)

which leads us back to the bedroom…

i really love those three rion/courtney photos.  when i took these, they had just gotten engaged.  they got married in April 2009 🙂

this was a shot that courtney really wanted.  she loves Tiffany & Co. (and she ended up getting this one printed and framed.  always a good feeling) 🙂

i really love this series and i’m glad i finally got a chance to post them.  looking forward to shooting more for my Bedroom Series.

have a good one everybody.

see ya next week


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  1. missa said, on August 19, 2010 at 3:18 am

    thats awesome! i love your photos!

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