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Arthur Jones Poplar BBQ! (5.8.10)

Posted in 2010, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on May 12, 2010

hey guys, slight change of plans

i know i said, last post, that this post would be The Bedroom Series.  but(!) after getting done enjoying myself greatly at the annual Arthur Jones BBQ i knew i just had to post those photos first.

besides, posting these first is keeping with the founding theme of this photoblog, which is to show, well, scenes around jackson 😉

and so, without further ado!

after putting the beers in a cooler on the porch, i turned around and lo and behold, there was Julie (J.Diddy) Skipper, chillin’ in a green jacket and blue dress

it was a great turn out this year and a lovely spring day in Jackson, MS

it’s writer supreme Janine!

this was around the time another helping of mean came off the grill.  it’s eating time!

hanging out and eating

Amy doesn’t like having her picture taken :p

that was just one table!  there was another table on the other side of the porch

good times and good eating

it’s super scientist Gretta!

me and gretta came to discover, after one or two shots of vodka (those photos are coming up), that we actually went to the same kindergarten back when we were wee ones.  she even remembers my sister from back then, since they were in the same class

World of Learning alumni, what!

the man in the overalls is the man that makes it happen!

ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Arthur Jones!

folks kept eating and the food kept coming out

it’s not a mississippi bbq if you can’t sit out in a front yard and drink beer 😉

so, the object of this game was to get your team’s bean bag in the other team’s hole…

white people come up with the strangest games 😉

Chris taking photos!

he also helped with the cooking!

Chris!  man of many talents!

Thomas in the house!


there’s Taylor Hildebrand making a quick quest appearance

front porch girl talk

the vodka arrives!

Cathead Vodka!

from their facebook page:  Mississippi’s first-ever distilled spirits company.  6X Distilled, Charcoal-filtered 80 PROOF Vodka distilled from the highest quality grains.

it went on sail on the 10th

(yes, that means we got a sneak peak and the first taste. that’s just how we roll) 😉

Andy dropped by and held court with the ladies 😉

Sage’s hat has traded heads

super-scientist Gretta likes to make sure the photo comes out right

(aka, i re-took this shot a few times :p)

it’s Rachel! she’s a Girl In The Band!  with the writer-supreme janine!

gretta decides it’s time to see what this Cathead Vodka is all about!

that’s right!  world of learning alumni don’t need no stinkin’ chasers!

and verdict?

epic win!

(i had a straight shot after this and i have to tell ya, that was some of the smoothest vodka i’ve ever had.  i can’t wait to buy a bottle.  ok, back to the photos!)

after the vodka (oh so smooth) it was back to outside sports!

i don’t know what janine was saying here, but Megan sure was enjoying it

Cathead Vodka get’s the Sage Seal of Approval!

Damien and Sage: “words words words words words!”

the vodka drinking continues

Jesse shoots!

damien doesn’t need no stinkin’ shot glass!

that rachel!  she has good camera-sense 😉

as the day starts to turn into the evening…

Dr. Annie Blazer makes an appearance and it feels like the sun comes back out!

she’s a Girl in The Band too! 🙂

nothing like a mississippi spring day

and the day starts to come to a close…

in the light of the fading sun

for some reason everyone started tying to top everyone else in telling bad jokes, heh

super-scientist gretta says, smoke ’em if ya got ’em! 😉

and that’s how we’ll end it!


Sage wants to remind everyone to come on out to the 5th Annual Pickin’ & Paddlin’!

The 5th Annual Pickin’& Paddlin’ Outdoor Festival will be held at Mayes Lake Campground at Lefleur’s Bluff this Saturday, May 15th! Music, BBQ & canoe races start at 11:30am. Enjoy some of Jackson’s best Americana music including: Eric Stracener & the Frustrations, King Edward Blues Band, The Hot Tamales and Horse Trailer. Bring your family, friends & co-workers to this family friendly festival & help support this great cause while enjoying a beautiful day by the lake!

General Admission is $10 and includes free lunch from Lumpkin’s BBQ
Canoe Races are an additional $5 (canoes are provided, Kayak Race: BYOK), Kids 12 and under get in FREE and will enjoy: face painting, games a playground and inflatables!

Lunch will be served from 11:30-1:30 followed by complimentary snow cones served from 1:30-4:30.

so make sure you check it out!

and that will do it for this week.

have a good one everybody

see ya next week!


6 Responses

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  1. Gretta said, on May 12, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    These photos are awesome! I love the story in between the photos. 🙂

  2. Anna Kline said, on May 12, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Hate I missed it!! Was in Grenada for an early Mother’s Day rendez vous. Looks like much fun!

    • William Patrick Butler said, on May 13, 2010 at 11:49 pm

      it was, indeed, a good time 🙂
      i hope your Mother’s Day rendezvous was fun too

      (we missed not having ya there)

  3. annie blazer said, on May 12, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Great photos, Patrick! You are a good captioner!

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