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St. Paddy’s Day Parade 2010! (3.20.10)

Posted in 2010, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on March 24, 2010

welcome to one of the biggest events of the year for Jackson, MS!

the Mal’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade was started way back in the long ago times of 1982 by Malcolm White, co-owner of Hal and Mal’s and current head of the Mississippi Arts Commission.

since that year, it’s only gotten bigger and better.  from Sweet Potato Queens to Rude Boys, many Krewes march in it every year.

and every year, all the money for the entry fees goes to the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children.

this year, a new Krewe made an appearance…

a motley collection of Jackson Creatives, from the head honchos of the  Jackson Free Press, to artists and models and photographers and singer/songwriters and graphic designers and fashion stylists and anyone else crazy enough to throw on something green and walk the walk with us.

MC’d by Josh Hailey (of Josh Hailey Studios), the TOO LIVE KREWE took to the streets!






the parade wasn’t scheduled to start until after 1pm but everyone met up at our staging area downtown, which was right in front of St. Alexis Church, around 11am.  well, i got there around 11am at least.  everyone else was there way before me.  😉

after i parked, the first thing i saw was josh hailey getting ready.  and by getting ready i mean getting painted green.

paint job is done!  time for a coke

it’s Ian!

heh, me and ian go waaaaaaay back.  he was actually marching with the Fenian’s Krewe this year.

(he also hates having his picture taken so i, of course, had to take his picture) 🙂

yep.  there was an Elvis krewe 😉


(and no, the burgers weren’t green)

Amanda Rainey of The Bachelorettes (and our Krewe drummer) busts a move

josh joins in on the move making

just folks walking by

it’s AJC and Chanel!

it’s newlywed Megan Storm, showing off all her green!

it’s JFP asst. editor Lacey!  (and AJC in the middle of doing…something…)

(she was with the Jackson Bike Advocates Krewe)

Austin arrives so that means it’s green paint time

more folks roll in

josh and Talara jamming

there was music playing everywhere

getting food and water (and beer)

gotta get ready for all that walking!

Donovan playing the drums like he was born to it

talara and her partner in crime

Daniel G. and the fam 🙂

heh, i love this parade

dancing an Irish jig

the time has come!

we head out to go get lined up

the parade even draws superheroes to our fair city

i felt safer marching, knowing Wonder Woman was there 😉

…and then i started feeling a little naughty

Daniel G. looking cool in the foreground 😉

it’s Lizzie Wright!  Bachelorette, one of the founders of the Jackson Bike Advocates, and she of the Super Spaceship!

she was rolling with the JBA 🙂

The Rainey Sisters (amanda and Dubb Nubb!) helped provide the beat

Delia (the Dubb of Dubb Nubb) rocks the cymbals (she also does solo stuff as Dee Bird) 🙂

see that Josh Hailey Studio sign?  that’s the bike that had our speakers and karaoke music system.

that’s right.

i took this photo for one reason and one reason only

because that car is cool as hell

under the Court St. sign was our final staging area, before we merged into the actual parade

part of our Krewe (aaaaand i’ve forgotten their names.  if ya leave ’em in the comments, i’ll add ’em) 🙂

Nick Judin wants your soul

the sun kept playing hide and seek and there was a threat of rain but the rain never came so the party never stopped

AJC is fired up and ready to go!

why look, it’s Todd Stauffer! publisher of the Jackson Free Press

it’s Donna Ladd! editor-in-chief of the Jackson Free Press and Ash, filmmaker supreme

(couldn’t decide which one i liked the best) 🙂

the parade has started!

and the crowd goes wild

i’ll tell ya, that Diminutive Diva could dance like nobody’s business 😉

yes.  that is an oscar the grouch float rolling through in the background

heading off to go get in our starting positions

it begins!

the TOO LIVE KREWE has taken to the streets!

repeat, the TOO LIVE KREWE has taken to the streets!

donna and todd throwing some beads to the crowd.  showing them some JFP love!

Langston Moore showing some of that bead throwing  love

our standard-bearer back there was none other than Andy Culpepper

josh takes it to the people!

and the people love him for it!

Karen and Jessica gather more beads

it’s Hannah! (the Nubb of Dubb Nubb!)

there was some bead-flirting going on here, yo

look who we ran into!

it’s intrepid photographer Kip Caven, on the front lines for the JFP.

(make sure you check out kip’s st. paddy’s day photo galleries here and here) 🙂

Jacktown showing that love!

i would have loved to have heard this conversation LoL

Jackson’s Finest were out making sure folks had a good ole safe time 🙂



those kids were a trip man

that’s a lotta red hair 🙂

donovan grabbing some crowd shots

the woman to the right (in the skirt) and the guy in the red jacket where there from WLBT 🙂

i don’t even know how those people got in that building.  i don’t even think that building is open!


i can’t wait to see the footage of all the stuff ash shot 🙂

the krewe that was in front of us.  also having a grand ole time

even when we’re not moving we keep it rocking

The Rainey Sisters, keeping that beat funky!

LoL, i love this photo

how low can you go?!

yeah, i know it’s overexposed.  but i couldn’t cut it.  it’s Mississippi State, yo! 🙂

i don’t think you heard me the first time!

how low can you go?!

the Judges! 🙂

it’s Tom Head!

y’know, i think Chanel has “camera-sense”

(which would make sense, since she’s also a model) :p

this photo should tell you everything you need to know about todd stauffer LoL

Jenifer Day make an appearance!

Jenifer and Chanel, the Double Trouble Ladies! 😉


your’s truly! 🙂

me and the D-Man keeping it poppin!


that little boy looking at josh just trips me out

donna talking to one of JPD’s Finest

rep yo hood!

it’s Latasha Willis of the JFP!

the trees are blooming and spring is in the air!

the last leg of the parade begins

but we still keep it hype!

heh, awesome

WPB and AJC!

this is how we do it!

ok, if this photo doesn’t explain just how awesome the parade is, i just don’t know what will!

this guy was slick as hell


yes.  this is the TOO LIVE KREWE booty dancing with a random car at an intersection!

that’s just how we roll!

and that’s a wrap!

now, time for the hanging out!

what time is it Cat?

that’s right, it’s miller time!

it’s Andy Hilton!  he rode with the Jackson Bike Advocates 🙂

lizzie and amanda!

awwww, Bachelorettes are forever! 🙂

amanda and delia!

awwww, sisters are forever!

it’s Matthew Brantley!

amanda, josh, matthew, and Meredith Norwood!

group hug!

talara and the ladies 🙂

yeah, i had to shoot this!


amanda and donovan mean mugging 😉

karen petting Billy the Kid

(yes, that was really his name) 🙂

and as Tre and Clay Hardwick make an appearance i’ll be signing off

this was really a great day.  the Mal’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade is, really, the Jackson Mardi Gras and we rock it bigger and better every year 🙂

i’ve been hearing that this may be the last year the Sweet Potato Queens march in it, so, that means  we need even more krewes for next year!

if you, yes you, want to march and be crazy with the TOO LIVE KREWE next year email: to get all the info you need!

LATE BREAKING NEWS!: it seems, according to Josh Hailey’s facebook page, that the TOO LIVE KREWE won 4th place in the parade!  seems we won the Krewe of Kazoo Award with a $200 donation in our name to the Children’s Hospital!  awesome!  we didn’t even know we were being judged!  this is how Jackson Creatives do it, yo!  🙂

well, on that very good note, i think i’ll wrap it up.

what do you think really adorable baby i’m about to post.  is it time to call it a day?

i agree 🙂

have a good one everybody

see ya next post!


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