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“Sense” Photoshoot (8.30.09)

Posted in 2010, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on March 19, 2010

so, back in august of last year i was invited (or did i ask? see, this is why i shouldn’t wait so long to make these posts. i start to forget the little details) but, however it happened, i found myself being the set photographer for a short film called “Sense” that was written and being directed by my friend Beth Kander.

(and she’ll also be starring in a short called “Shock” that’s being written and directed by Chris Spears and produced by Nina Parikh and will be premiering at this year’s Crossroads Film Festival on April 17th.)

anyway, back to “Sense” 😉

i think being on the set of anything being filmed is one of the best examples of controlled chaos and hurry up and wait i know.  make-up, getting the camera angles you want, making sure the sound sounds right, getting the set quiet, yelling “action!”, getting the shot, yelling “cut!”, repeat until you get it done.

i dig it

“Sense” was filmed inside and outside of Fondren Corner.

i got there a little late so they had already started shooting the initial scenes

(i always feel for the sound guys. that boom has to get tiring to hold)

beth talking over sound issues with sam watson (who was also the sound guy for the Storage 24 music video shoot)

make-up artist!

seeing what’s next to shoot

talking over the script and applying make-up to the two main actors (whose names i have, of course, forgotten.  tell me who they are in the comments and i’ll go back and edit this) 🙂

beth enjoys directing films that she wrote!

always enjoyed watching the scene unfold on the monitors

between takes

heh.  for some reason i think this is just the classic director’s look

it was a laid back set.  everyone had their jobs and knew how to do them so it was pretty stress free.

well, as stress free as a film set can be 😉

eep!  falling light attachments!

(don’t worry, no one was hurt) 🙂

i dig this shot

you can tell this crew had worked together before.  they knew how to work and flow in the controlled chaos.

what?  those flowers ain’t gonna film themselves y’know! 😉

the Fondren Trolley arrives!  and it stopped raining (which was a source of a little stress)

time to start getting ready for the exterior shots

which means wrapping up all the interior scenes

making the move outside

last minute make-up retouch

getting all the extras on the trolley and in their places

there were two main shots to get here.  exterior trolley shots, of the main actors walking and boarding the trolley, then interior shots of them boarding and sitting down.

a little hurry up and wait going on as the crew gets everything set to shoot

heh, if this photo doesn’t explain the general craziness of a film set, i don’t know what will :p

another cool thing about shooting on a film set.  they always have great lighting so i never have to use a flash.  (not that i ever would on a film set.  just sayin’)

boarding the trolley scene.  trying to get the angle and pacing right.

Captain Ron of the Fondren Trolley

getting set for some interior shots

right at the front of the trolley

shooting from the front of the cab to the back.

look!  extras! 🙂

beth, hard at work, directing!

all that you see on the outside there was to make sure there was enough light for the interior shots

ok, this was getting set up to get that last scene of the day.

the trolley would come around the building and they would film it going by.

but first, they had to get some shots of the trolley starting off…

and off it goes

which will also do it for me

i really enjoy shooting and documenting the behind the scenes of productions like this.  hope to do it more often in the future.

(hey beth, if you read this, if you send me the names of the cast/crew i’ll go back and plug ’em in) 🙂

film season is kicking into high gear here in jackson., so be sure to check out all the great films at the Crossroads Film Festival next month.  it’ll be fun, i promise! 🙂

have a good one everybody

see ya next post.

(“Sense” was funded through a grant by the Mississippi Film and Video Alliance)


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  1. Beth Kander said, on March 21, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Thanks, Patrick – you’re a talented man!

    The lead roles were played by Melissa Cline & Bret Kenyon. Supporting were Leah Walsh, Denise Halbach & Ron Mills, with lots of fabulous extras.

    Sam Watson was DP (Director of Photography), Philip Scarborough was camera operator, Opie Cooper AD, Cory Drake on sound, Dustin King did makeup, John & Diana Howell were lead PAs, Jeff Tanner & David Matthews helped with gaffe & lights, Richard Lawrence with design… That’s off the top of my head early on a Sunday 🙂

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