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Best of Jackson 2010 @ The South! (1.31.10)

Posted in 2010, Best of Jackson, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on February 24, 2010

welcome to the first Scenes Around Jackson post of 2010!

and what better way to ring in a new year of weekly photo posts than the 8th annual Best of Jackson awards (hosted and created by the Jackson Free Press)

here’s a little background info about “Best of”, copy/pasted straight from the Jackpedia (The (BETA) collaborative wiki for Jackson, Mississippi) Best of Jackson entry:

The results of the annual “Best of Jackson” competition–also known as “Best of”–publishes the last week of January in the Jackson Free Press. Since 2001, the JFP has run the ballot online and in the print edition in November each year for six weeks. The contest is completely reader’s choice: Readers choose and vote for their favorites in more than 100 categories. The winners are announced in the Best of Jackson issue, our biggest of the year, and the first-place winners get awards at our invitation-only Best of Jackson party, held the Sunday evening after the Best of Jackson issue hits the street and the Web.

The Best of Jackson has become one of the parties you just don’t miss and it’s held in a new Jackson venue every year.  This year it was held at the newly completed venue The South.

each year is a different theme.  like, last year was “monopoly”, prevous years have ranged from “comic books”, to “cowboys”, to “mafia” and on.  this year, the theme was “royalty”, so expect to see some crowns being worn 🙂

also, since Jackson is a southern city, we love ourselves some New Orleans Saints and this was the year they went to the Superbowl (and yes, i know they won it, but “Best of” was held the sunday before the game so we didn’t know that at the time)  so expect to see some fleur-de- leis (and at least one Colts fan) 😉

let’s get to it

this was actually my second time in The South.  the first time i was actually photographing the developer of the property, Stan Lefloe, for a story in the 2009 BOOM Jackson magazine, while the property was still being worked on.

i have to say, they did a great job.

nope. that bright spot on amanda’s dress is not a reflecting from my flash.  her dress could actually light up 🙂

laine and her man unkl ryan of Storage 24

it’s darren and melia!  newly engaged stars of a new celluar south commerical!  let’s listen in:

Darren:  “and i told my agent, you tell celluar south that if i don’t have 50 fluffed pillows and a bowl of only green M&Ms in my trailer, i walk!  i f’ing walk!  and so…

Melia:  “sigh…”


it’s trip and julie. julie is J.Diddy!  just like P.Diddy, she never sleeps and she keeps that hustle strong! 🙂

it’s carolina and katie (aaaaand a guy behind them who i think just photo bombed them) 😉

AJC, looking like he just walked off of a GQ photoshoot

it’s the Magnolia Roller Vixens!

tom beck, photographic comrade in arms, talking in the background and harmonica man scott albert johnson

it’s alli and josh!

byron and taylor showing off their man beards!

this was a surprise!  a new orleans style jazz band kick the tunes!

7even:Thirty and AJC, showing how style should be done (and damn, i want that cap!)

amile and valley feeling it!

and off they go, playing that sweet jazz all the way

it’s molly! and her friend who i’ve forgotten the name of!

stephen, light master supreme, makes sure things keep running smooth

the awards ceremony is ready to kick off and todd stauffer, publisher of the JFP and MC supreme, takes the mic

thomas and sage rocking the crown

donna ladd, editor-in-chief of the JFP and award giver supreme, hands 7even:Thirty his award for Best Hip-Hop Artist.

(if i tried to name everybody i’d be here all night.  so, to see a list with all the winners, click here!)

(heh, yep. trip was that one Colts fan) 😉

blues legend Jackie Bell 🙂

josh hailey made quite the impression with his outfit this year. or, as my friend matthew glover put it on twitter: “I feel bad for those of you missing#bestofjackson because @joosyjosh is dressed up as a lamp fom IKEA.”


my boys, Storage 24!

Blaque Butterfly and DJ Phingerprint (and Mile High Club) 😉

LoL, yeah, i don’t think i even have the words

chris and signe, showing off a little of what makes Jackson the best 😉

facebook friend ashley showing off a little of the best

7even:Thirty is the best

i didn’t get their names, but you gotta love how they show off a little of the best

ashley loves the camera

straight chillin’

time for the dancing to begin as DJ Phingerprint spins the ones and twos for the party

don’t forget to check out and eat at Lumpkin’s BBQ 😉

even in the midst of hardcore dancing, amanda knows it’s always miller time

it’s meredith and her friend who i never got the name of!

AJC after a quick outfit change.  that’s just how he rolls

look, it’s my sister Jen!  at her very first Best of Jackson!  awww 🙂

what else can be said but “WHO DAT?!” 😉


me and jen as we head to the car 🙂

and that will wrap it up for Best of Jackson 2010!

every year it gets bigger and better and i can’t wait to see how we top it in 2011!

once again, be sure to check out all the winners and make sure to vote when it’s time to choose the Best of Jackson 2011!

Scenes Around Jackson is back, baby!  i have big plans for 2010 and i can’t wait to show ya’ll! 🙂

have a good one everybody.

see ya next post!

(oh! and i’m doing photo post essays for Mississippi Happening once a month now.  check out my lastest post: ZOMBIE PROM! and that’s what’s happening!) 😉


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