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Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase @ Pix/Capri (12.19.09)

Posted in 2009, black and white, Color, Digital, Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on December 30, 2009

welcome to the last post of Scenes Around Jackson for 2009!

and what better way to close out the year than posting the 2009 Esperanza Plantation Holiday Showcase photos!

just like every year it was held in the Pix/Capri Theater in the heart of Fondren

and just like always, it rocked all of our faces off!

ok, this is gonna be a massive 100+ photo post so there won’t be a lot of me “talking” so enjoy the photos! (yeah, i know i always say that when i have a big post but i mean it this time)

(and, once again, thanks to Stephen Barnett of Davaine Lighting, for providing excellent lighting)

The Line-Up, in order of appearance!

– Law School!

– The Dixie Nationals (w/Taylor Hildebrand)!

– El Obo!

– Chase Pagan!

– Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles!

– The Weeks!

– Bear Colony!*

time for “Operation: Spread Eagle” to take flight! 😉

Law School

Law School were special guest stars and they opened up the Showcase.  i wish more folks had gotten to the Pix/Capri to see them because it was pretty sweet.

Law School ladies and gentlemen!  next up;

The Dixie Nationals (w/Taylor Hildebrand)

this was the first time i’d ever heard them live and i’m glad i finally did.  Southern Roots music for life, yo!

The Dixie Nationals, ladies and gentlemen!

who’s next up Chaney?

El Obo

the only solo artist in the Holiday Showcase.  and he held it down in style!

El Obo ladies and gents!  next up;

Chase Pagan

the Pagans kept it rocking as they kicked off their set.

Chase Pagan everybody!  (and lizzie wright taking photos in the lower left hand corner!) 😉

next up;

Johnny Bertram & The Golden Bicycles

the set that rocked the nuts and vags off of everyone!  take it away Johnny B!

this is when almost everybody who could sing and/or play an instrument in jackson rushed the stage during the last number and closed it out as only jackson can!

Johnny B. and The Golden Bicycles have left the building!

next up;

The Weeks

you would think after the awesome set by Johnny B that nothing could top it.  ha!  The Weeks blew that theory right out the water like a run-away torpedo!

Chaz may have moved to NYC and isn’t in the band anymore, but that didn’t stop him from hopping on a plane and flying back home to jackson to show his boys some love!

and just like last year, the crowd loved themselves some Weeks!

(and check out fellow jackson photog, Laura Meeks in the right hand corner) 🙂

jackson’s very own The Weeks!  closing their set off like a boss! 😉

* now, after The Weeks there was Bear Colony but, well, i didn’t get any shots of them (yes yes, just like last year).  but by the time The Weeks left the stage i had filled up all 4(!) of my memory cards and the batteries in my camera were running on fumes (i had to do the ole trick of turning my camera off then on between every other shot while i was shooting The Weeks just to make it through their set)  so, many apologizes to Bear Colony!  next year, i promise, i’ll do ya’ll right!

(but all is not lost!  Laura Meeks got some cool shots of Bear Colony!  check out her facebook photo album for those shots and more from the Holiday Showcase!)

and with that, my last 2009 post is a wrap!

it’s funny, i started this blog back in May, almost on a whim, and now it’s 8 months later and i can’t imagine not having it!

so, here’s to everyone that’s stopped by to check it out!  much love to all of ya’ll!  and to those who check it out that aren’t from Jackson, i hope it’s succeeding in it’s mission statement of showing you a small bit of what jackson is all about 🙂

see ya 2009 and here’s to 2010!

hey chaney, what time is it?

that’s right!  ya’ll ain’t got to go home, but ya gotta get the hell outta here! 😉

thanks for a great 2009 guys.

have a Happy and safe New Years and i’ll see ya’ll on the other side in 2010!


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