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Storage 24 @ Touch Nightclub (12.18.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Photo Post, rock and roll, Storage 24 by William Patrick Butler on December 24, 2009

this past friday, my boys Storage 24, along with Still Frame and the Jason Turner Band, rocked out the 1st Annual Miller Light /Rock 93.9 Merry Mayhem Show up in Touch Nightclub in downtown Jackson

i believe this was their first show since winning the 2009 Band of the Year award down in Club LaVela, in Florida (which means they’ll be on next year’s MTV Spring Break show!)

anyway, enough talking, let’s get to the rocking and the rolling!

before Storage 24 took the stage, they went outside to be interviewed, live on Rock 93.9

Unkl Ryan is ready for that interview, yo

before the rest of the band got there, it was just Unkl Ryan and Daniel holding it down

Daniel and his lady 🙂

the rest of the guys get there about 30 minutes or so later (except for Kamikaze who came later) and it’s Daniel G’s turn to hold it down

during and after the interview, Still Frame was playing upstairs

before Still Frame went on, the Jason Turner Band played a set, but i didn’t get any photos of them.  sorry guys!

i didn’t get a lot of shots of Still Frame (since i was there for Storage 24 i wanted to save space on my card for them)

but when they started rocking out hard, i just had to get some shots of them

since they played the middle set, the crowd wasn’t quite there yet, but that didn’t stop them from rocking it

i can respect that

Still Frame ladies and gentlemen!

and now, for the main event: Storage 24!

R.C. is ready…

Daniel G starts up the beat…

and then Baby Phred takes the stage like a hurricane of rock and doesn’t let up!

but Baby Phred wasn’t the only hurricane hitting that night…

Kamikaze came out just as strong too!

Unkl Ryan spins the ones and twos as Daniel rocks it

nothing like catching a flash from somebody else’s camera 😉

R.C. loves his water 😉

Sneaky Beans, yo! 😉

if it’s good enough for our President and First Lady, it’s good enough for Baby Phred!

Fist Bump!

let it be known, Kamikaze rocks the mic just as hard as a rocker as he did as a rapper

true ‘dat!

Baby Phred and Kamikaze commanded the front of the stage, which is why you see so many shots of them.

but whenever i was able to, i would try to pull back to get the rest of the guys in the shot.

quick break!

time to introduce the band!

they call him “The Marine”

they call him “The Best Front Man in The Game”

give it up for Baby Phred!

they call him “The O.G.”

they call him “The Franchise”

give it up for Kamikaze!

they call him “The Old Man”

they call him “The Seasoned Vet”

give it up for R.C.!

they call him “Columbian Bam-Bam”

they call him “TTOCCS REKARP”

give it up for Daniel G.!

they call him “The Diamond in the Rough”

they call him “The Best Guitarist in the City”

give it up for Daniel!

they call him “The Master of the Ones and Twos”

they call him “The DJ of DJs”

give it up for Unkl Ryan!

(sorry man.  i couldn’t get a decent shot of you on stage to save my life.  the lighting was just terrible.  so, decided to use this one again)

ok, back to the show!

Rock on!

amile wilson making sure the boys look good on camera

and that’s it…

the show wraps up…

Storage 24 has left the building!

man, this was a great show!

many thanks for Touch Nightclub for hosting

thanks to Rock 93.9 for supporting local rock!

next week: photos from the 2009 Esperanza Holiday Showcase!

have a good one everybody!


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  1. Lizzie said, on December 24, 2009 at 11:01 am

    amazing. love them.

    • William Patrick Butler said, on December 24, 2009 at 5:26 pm

      thanks lizzie wright! 🙂
      can’t wait to see your shots of the esperanza holiday showcase 🙂

  2. […] Visit link: Storage 24 @ Touch Nightclub… […]

  3. George Yotov said, on April 6, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Very interesting site with nice photos! Did you know you could learn an easy trick how to make them even better looking at ?

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