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Washington D.C. Sightseeing (1.22.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on November 30, 2009

a slightly different kind of post for this Scenes Around Jackson

a year ago, this month, America elected Sen. Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States.

me, my dad, and my step-family traveled, just like millions of others, to Washington D.C. to witness his Inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009

two days after that, we traveled back into the city to do some sightseeing

these are the sightseeing photos 🙂

i won’t be talking a lot for this post.  there are over 100 photos so no need for alotta talk 😉

but, i will explain some photos that i found really cool or interesting.  like this first photo.

so, as we were walking along the former parade route, we saw this guy standing and talking to a group of people.  from what i could make out, he was a descendant of a Black Confederate Soldier and he was there to show his continued  support for that cause.

or something like that.

while he was talking to the crowd i saw how good the light was behind him and my brain flipped to “picture taking mode” so i missed whatever else he was saying as i started trying to get the shot.

interesting shot to start of the post though 😉

now, back to the beginning…

it was a really beautiful day, as we drove into the city.  we were staying outside of D.C., in Virgina, so we had to drive about an hour or so to get there.

still driving, trying to find a parking space that won’t cost us too much.

ok, we’ve parked and we’re on foot now

hmm.  i’ve actually forgotten what building this was.

this was a protest march against prisoner abuses in Gitmo.  none of these people said anything.  they just marched in silence.

part of the Inauguration Parade route

taking down the Presidential reviewing stand

the crews taking down the parade seatings

my step-sister Stephanie, posing in front of the Old Executive Office Building

my other step-sister, Christina, posing in front the Old Executive Office Building

another angle on the Old Executive

what’s that on the wall of that museum…?

yes!  it’s a Richard Avedon exhibition!  Awesome!  i wish wish wish we’d had time to stop in and take a look at that.  i’m a huge Avedon fan!

huh!  never knew that Presidents became Honorary Chairs of the American Red Cross

the Organization of American States

Obama swag 😉

quick self-portrait in the window of our rental suv

and this was, about, as close as they were letting people get to the actual White House that day LoL

a bunch of Pro-Life demonstrators.  more on why they were there later…

making our way to the Washington Monument

at the base of the monument.  when you look this way, you can see the Capitol…

and when you look the other way, you can see the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial

and that’s where we headed next

walking into the National World War II Memorial

looking down…

looking up.

the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, had frozen over

so, of course, that meant it was time for ice skating 🙂

dad, Christina, Stephanie, and Jane in front of the Lincoln Memorial

i set the camera and had dad take this one

yes, that is another camera around my neck.  that’s my ‘ole workhorse’ film camera, the canon ae-1 program

and Jane took this one

now i’m on the steps and taking the shot from a different direction

this was one of the biggest tourist draws

E. Pluribus Unum

“Out of many, one.”

the Lincoln Memorial

this was one of my favorite parts of the trip

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my favorite Presidents.

the Gettysburg Address, inscribed on the south wall of the memorial

Lincoln’s second inaugural address, on the facing wall, opposite the Gettysburg Address

had dad take this one.  to give a little sense of scale

just looked better in black and white 🙂

looking out from the top entrance of the memorial

the I Have A Dream Memorial

as we were leaving the memorial, i noticed that some people (who aren’t in frame) were filming this kid.

as i watched, he started to recite, from memory, the entire I Have A Dream speech.

just had to get a shot of that.

and that wraps up our time at the Lincoln Memorial.

(if you would like to learn more about our 16th President, be sure to go to your local library and pick up Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin‘s book Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.  it’s a very good book.)

But you don’t have to take my word for it. 😉

The Three Soldiers, part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

you could look in one of these books, and they had the name of everyone on the wall.  it looked like he was really looking for someone…

these two guys were friends, and they were talking about the memorial and the war

Steph, reading the names on The Wall…

Jane, explaining to Christina and Steph about the Vietnam War and what The Wall is meant to symbolize

making our way out…

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial

we’ll be passing back by the WWII Memorial on the way out…

there’s a column for every state.  so, of course, i had to rep my state!

(dad took this one)

and dad and the ladies had to rep theirs 😉

back in the rental and driving towards Union Station

yep, another Pro-Life demonstrator.  all will be made clear soon…

news crews setting up outside the Supreme Court Building?  hmmm…

(ok, by this point, i’d left dad and the ladies inside Union Station and had set off on my own.  there some shots i just had to get…)

and this was one of those shots.

the Library of Congress.

the view from the steps of the Library of Congress

some nuns, walking by the Library

another view of the Capitol, from the steps of the Library

my ma is a librarian, and she’s always wanted to visit the Library of Congress.

so, since she wasn’t able to go, it was really important that i got these shots for her.

love ya ma!

and now, as i leave the Library, it’s back to the outside of the Supreme Court

also, time for me to explain why there we so many Pro-Lifers around

it seems that Jan. 22, 2009 was the 36th occurrence of the March for Life

so both sides came out in force

to either pray for the overturn or to stand in support of Roe v. Wade

the Supreme Court

“Equal Justice Under Law”

the Capitol at night

heading back to Union Station

we had a meal inside Union Station and our table was right in front of that big cowboy picture.

so just had to shoot dad in front of it 🙂


just looked better in black and white

looking out, over the train tracks

back in the suv and headed out of the city

goodbye Washington, D.C.!

and that, as they say, is that 🙂

this was a really great trip 🙂

hope you enjoyed the photos (and clicked on the links to get some knowledge, yo!) 😉

thanks dad! 🙂

have a good one everybody!


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