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[Model Shoot] Hanh – Downtown Jackson (8.10.09)

Posted in 2009, black and white, Color, Digital, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on August 31, 2009

so, funny story about this shoot

(looks and sees Maggie already laughing)

well, a few days before this shoot, my friend Maggie gave me some spare 1GB SD cards that she doesn’t use anymore so i’d have more shooting memory.

a few days before that i’d just gotten done shooting The Bachelorettes/Senryu Wedding and had only dumped the 2GB card i filled up shooting that (but then filled that one up early this same day shooting Sara Mac).  the other two 1GB cards i used to shoot that were still full though.

what do those two things have to do with the Hanh shoot?

Hanh - Downtown Jackson (8.10.09) (2 of 2)


Hanh - Downtown Jackson (8.10.09) (1 of 2)

as i was walking out the door to go shoot her, i said to myself  “self! don’t forget to take back-up cards to the shoot!” so, agreeing with myself i grab an extra 1GB cards (one of the ones  i always use) and then tell myself  “ahh, i have a 1GB card in camera and a 1GB card on me, no need to take the 1GB cards Maggs gave me.  i’ll be cool with just these.”

…i think you can see where this is going.

Hanh - Downtown Jackson (vertical) (8.10.09) (1 of 4)

yep.  i get to downtown jackson before Hanh gets there (right in front of Smith Park) and start to check light levels and make sure i have my camera on the right settings only to discover…the 1GB card i have in camera and the other 1GB are still full of all the Bachelorettes/Senryu photos.

Hanh - Downtown Jackson (vertical) (8.10.09) (2 of 4)

and by full i mean i only have 9(!) free spaces left and oh look there’s Hanh pulling up right now and wow if we don’t move fast the sun is gonna be too low to get anything and damn that means i don’t have time to go all the way back home to get those other SD cards so gonna have to make due!

Hanh - Downtown Jackson (vertical) (8.10.09) (3 of 4)

Hanh was cool with it, but i was pretty mad at myself because the day after the shoot Hanh would be hopping on a plan to head back to Hong Kong so i wouldn’t get a chance to reshoot her for at least a year.

Hanh - Downtown Jackson (vertical) (8.10.09) (4 of 4)

so, just goes to show.  no matter how good you think you are, something will always happen to keep you f’ing humble. 🙂

and that’ll do it for this post!

next post will be the Cory Graveyard Series (and i actually remembered my memory cards this time!)

next year will be the Hanh Reshoot so just sit tight for that 😉

(oh! and the reason why Maggie is laughing is because when i called to tell her the story, hoping for some sympathy, i got instead  “but didn’t i give you, like, a handful of 1GB cards?  what are you, a rookie?!”  ahhh real friends.  they don’t put up with your crap LoL)

and don’t forget to check out my show tomorrow at The Auditorium!  5:30-7:30!  4 all new prints!  12×12!  black/white film!  medium-format! hope to see ya there!


have a good one everyone!

see ya next post!


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