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[Model Shoot] Jessica @ Amite Building (7.20.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Last Jackson Photoshoot Series, model shoot, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on August 6, 2009

i’ve been really looking forward to posting these

so, my friend Jessica (who i’ve photographed before) is moving to Austin.

but, before she headed out we decided to have, what we came to call, “Jessica’s Last Jackson Photoshoot Series”.

so, like most photographers, i tend to scout places out in my free time or, if i just happen to come across a cool place i’ll file it away in my mental “gotta shoot here one day!” folder.

now, if you’re a “Scenes Around Jackson” veteren, you should know that, when we were shooting the Storage 24 music video we came across a cool, abandoned building that had just great light.  (scroll down a bit. the photos of us shooting in there are near the end of the post)

so, of course, i filed it away in that handy mental folder.

when me and Jess started making plans about were to shoot the conversation went a little like this (paraphrasing a bit…)

Me: sooooo…you up to breaking into an abandoned building in downtown jackson after you get off of work for our shoot?  we may or may not have to dodge some homeless people if they’re already in there.

Jess:  hell yeah!  i love abandoned buildings!  i have hats!

Me: excellent!

Jessica @ Amite Building (1 of 24)

so we get to the location around 6 or 7 that evening after i pick up Jess.  it was really a great time because that meant two things:

not a lot of people still at work downtown and the sun was low in the sky so the light was really soft and not harsh at all.

two very excellent things

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (1 of 8)

so, one of my goals for this shoot was to try to use my speedlite flash as little as possible and only use available light

which, to be honest, i prefer to use whenever possible anyway

Jessica @ Amite Building (2 of 24)

of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little flash now and then 😉

although this is one of the only times i actually used it.  i used it one other time this shoot.  i’ll point it out when we get to it.

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (2 of 8)

back to available lighting 🙂

and this is also when we leave the relative stable flooring of the second floor and make our way up to the third floor.

Jessica @ Amite Building (4 of 24)

we get up to the third floor and i see how great the light looks in this open window, thinking it would be great if i could get her to sit on the window sill, but thinking that’ll be too dangerous so i just tell her to stand in front of it.

at which point she goes: “it’ll look better if i was sitting up there.”

“but…i don’t want you to fall…”

::rolls eyes::  “i’ll be fine.”

Jessica @ Amite Building (5 of 24)

and that’s one of the reasons why i really enjoy photographing Jessica. 🙂

Jessica @ Amite Building (6 of 24)

plus, she’s just really easy to photograph

Jessica @ Amite Building (7 of 24)

i asked her, while we were shooting, if she had ever done any professional modeling because that’s how much of a natural she was in front of the camera.

she hasn’t.  but a lot of her friends are photographers and/or artists so she’s been asked to model a lot.

Jessica @ Amite Building (8 of 24)

another goal of mine this shoot was to start pulling back some

Jessica @ Amite Building (9 of 24)

i found that i tend to always shoot really tight on a model.  so i’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to get more full body shots.

Jessica @ Amite Building (10 of 24)

occured to me we hadn’t gotten one without her wearing her hat yet

Jessica @ Amite Building (12 of 24)

but i do really love that hat 😉

and now, it was time for an outfit change.

this was the only time i got nervous during the whole “photoshoot in an old, run-down abandoned building” as the thought of “can me and a half-dressed Jess really fight off a crazy homeless person if he ran up on us in here?!”

but that never happened so on with the shoot! 😉

Jessica @ Amite Building (13 of 24)

the sun was getting even lower by now but putting her in this corner let me use the wall behind her to help bounce what light there was back at me

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (3 of 8)

that red on her really worked well with the light.

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (4 of 8)

it really suits her.

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (5 of 8)

this is  an outtake shot, but it shows just how much hair Jess really has 🙂

Jessica @ Amite Building (15 of 24)

so, as Jess was changing clothes i, being a gentlemen, turned my back and wandered around, killing time until she was decent again.

anyway, while i was doing that, i saw a cool spot off in another adjoining room that i thought had really cool light.

this is that spot.

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (6 of 8)

a very good spot it was.

but there was even cooler things around the corner

Jessica @ Amite Building (16 of 24)

this was all Jess.

she had been having a pretty stressful week.  between trying to get all packed up to move to a new state and city and looking for a new job in this job market, well, it adds up.

so, when she saw that there was an old, unbroken florescent light bulb just laying around among all the other broken ones, well why not break that one too and get rid of some built up stress at the same time!

and why not take a shot of her doing just that!

and so it came to pass 😉

(oh! and this is the other shot i used the flash for)

Jessica @ Amite Building (17 of 24)

any other light fixtures wanna mess with her?!

Jessica @ Amite Building (20 of 24)

there was a low hanging cable right about here so, of course, we had to use it for something

Jessica @ Amite Building (21 of 24)

heh, another outtake shot.

just thought it was cute.

Jessica @ Amite Building (vertical) (7 of 8)

man, i think this is the room that had the best light out of all of them

Jessica @ Amite Building (23 of 24)

and as we wrap it up, i think you have to agree…

Jessica @ Amite Building (24 of 24)

Jessica is just too adorable 🙂

and that’ll do it for this week!

but this isn’t the only shoot me and Jess had for the “Last Jackson Photoshoot Series” so stand by for more!

(oh, and i’m thinking about adding a new feature to “Scenes Around Jackson” called Fashion Fridays.  still thinking about it so i’ll let ya’ll know if i decide to do it)

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post.


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  1. Shannon said, on August 6, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    i love the orange dress, great contrast, really makes her stand out against the dull colored background

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  3. Ma said, on August 15, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    What talent!

  4. […] it was model shoot month? don’t worry, i didn’t either!  but, looking back at the last two posts and knowing that, even after this post, i have two more model shoots to put up (and have […]

  5. […] agreed to model for me, even when i made them wake up really really early to do so.  so thanks, jessica, sara mac, hanh, cory, and maggie. […]

  6. nasser said, on May 18, 2010 at 9:19 am

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    I think you are fine. All photos are beautiful. You are beautiful without a compliment. Beauty and the beauty of images gave a special flavor
    Please. Miss
    Of course, I hope to chat with you with respect and honesty. As possible. I’m waiting.
    Here e mail
    I wish you a beautiful evening

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