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[Jubilee!Jam] David Banner (6.20.09)

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let’s wrap it up!

monday it was The Bailey Bros.!

tuesday it was Obeyjah & The Pearls!

wednesday it was the Quills!

thursday it was 5th Child!

friday it was 7even:Thirty!

first up today was  Joan Jett and the Blackhearts!

and to finish it up, David Banner comes back home to Mississippi to lay it down!

David Banner (31 of 104)

*cues up some of those Greatest Story Ever Told jams as i work*

David Banner (5 of 104)

Banner was the last act of the entire Jubilee!Jam

David Banner (9 of 104)

and as he screamed out MIIIISSSSSSIIIIISSSSSSSIIIIIIPPPPPPPIIIII!!!! we knew he was there to close it down in style!

David Banner (8 of 104)

this was a double homecoming for him.  not only is he from mississippi, but he was also born and raised in Jackson.

David Banner (13 of 104)

this was the first time i’d seen him perform live

David Banner (16 of 104)

if you’ve never seen him live, then let me tell ya, David Banner is a showman

David Banner (18 of 104)

just like 7even:Thirty and 5th Child, he goes all out for the crowd

David Banner (20 of 104)

(that cat was playing the hell out that guitar)

David Banner (28 of 104)

ok, so, i was one of the few photographers in the pit for this show.  but there was also a videographer that was part of Banner’s crew filming to the entire thing.

well, this is when, Banner hopped off stage and hopped on the barrier that the crowd was behind, grabbing the videographers camera as he did so and started filming himself, leaning back in the crowd.

it was actually a really cool moment!

this wouldn’t be the last time he worked the crowd this show

David Banner (vertical)  (1 of 6)

around this time, a small fight breaks out up front, near the crowd barriers.  no big deal really, security and Banner helped break it up, and the show went on.

David Banner (34 of 104)

yes.  this is Banner climbing the stage rigging, still rapping.  this man was all over the place

David Banner (vertical)  (5 of 6)

heh, no matter how many different shirts he changed into, they didn’t stay on long.  even though the sun was down, it was still a hot mississippi night.

David Banner (39 of 104)

LoL, yeah, it was one wild show

David Banner (50 of 104)

told ya that wasn’t the only time he was up there with the audience.

as much as he loved being on stage, we really got into it when he could get around his fans.

David Banner (52 of 104)

this is one of the coolest moments of the show!

yes, he’s f’ing crowdsurfing!

David Banner (53 of 104)

and right before he went crowd surfing he had started singing Nirvana.  for “all my white fans out there!”

that’s cool.

David Banner (61 of 104)

David. Banner.

David Banner (64 of 104)

once again, gotta give props to the lighting crew for this one.

David Banner (68 of 104)

Banner grabbed that hat from the crowd before he hopped back on stage.

heh, i know the guy who’s hat that is.  he’s a twitter friend of mine.

small world. 😉

David Banner (76 of 104)

just like Joan Jett.  you can tell.  he loves being able to do what he loves.

David Banner (77 of 104)

another cool moment!

Banner told security to let some of the crowd up on stage

why not, right!

David Banner (81 of 104)

as you can tell, they thought it was pretty cool too 😉

David Banner (82 of 104)

he’s running way over time by this point and he doesn’t give a damn.

the crowd is into it.  he’s into it.

and he’s not stopping.

David Banner (84 of 104)

can you blame him?

David Banner (87 of 104)

yes.  he hopped the barrier and now he’s in the crowd showing love.

David Banner (97 of 104)

and yes, in case you were wondering, there was no three song limit for his show either.

all the other photographers had left by this point but i stayed and shot the. entire. show.

and i’m glad i did.

otherwise, i would have missed moments like this.

David Banner (62 of 104)

David Banner ladies and gentlemen!!

and now, the last random crowd shot of Jubilee!Jam!

David Banner (73 of 104)

and with that, we conclude Jubilee!Jam Week!


man, i’m looking forward to going back to one photo post a week LoL

hope everyone enjoyed it!

(to see the rest of these photos, be sure to check out the JFP Jubilee!Jam Photo Gallery.  this is only a small bit!)

have a good one everybody!

next post; The Bachelorettes @ the Gloveshack!


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