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[Jubilee!Jam] 7even:Thirty (6.19.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Jubilee!Jam 2009, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on July 10, 2009

Jubilee!Jam week continues!

you know what’s next…

let’s run down the list!

monday it was The Bailey Bros.!

tuesday it was Obeyjah & The Pearls!

wednesday it was the Quills!

thursday it was 5th Child!

and now, teleporting in from the depths of the deep space of funk, 7even:Thirty is ready to bring it!

7even-Thirty (2 of 23)

7even:Thirty picks up, like i said last post, about 5 minutes after 5th Child wrapped up his set.

7even-Thirty (3 of 23)

like i said in 5th Child’s post yesterday, these cats always give 110% in every show they do.

7even-Thirty (4 of 23)

(7even and his Hype Man (yep, forgot his name too) stomping out the haters)

7even-Thirty (5 of 23)

i noticed that, in yesterday’s post, i didn’t talk a lot about camera stuff.  so, figure i’d make up for that now.

7even-Thirty (6 of 23)

so, 7even and 5th Child were the first shows that i actually had to use flash.

7even-Thirty (8 of 23)

(the power of space age funk makes photos blur!  flash fact!) 😉

7even-Thirty (9 of 23)

i hadn’t needed to use flash on any of the other night acts because the stage lighting was so bright and, more or less, stationary.

7even-Thirty (vertical) (3 of 11)

but with 7even and 5th, the lights were moving all around the stage.  and so were 7even and 5th.  they were like hurricanes of rap.

7even-Thirty (10 of 23)

so, it was either use a flash, or get a disc full of blurred and dark images.

7even-Thirty (vertical) (4 of 11)

so, flash it was!

7even-Thirty (11 of 23)

of course, being the forward thinking photographer i am, i decided not to bring my speedlite because, hey what are the odds i’d actually have to use a flash!

7even-Thirty (vertical) (5 of 11)

so, yes, i actually had to use the little pop-up on camera flash.  sigh.

7even-Thirty (12 of 23)

ahh well.  each shoot teaches you something new! 🙂

7even-Thirty (vertical) (6 of 11)

hmmm, music while i work time.

7even-Thirty (13 of 23)

*cues up some of that Late Night Sessions mixtape flavor* 😉

7even-Thirty (vertical) (7 of 11)

(7even:Thirty bringing it with the power of 1.21 gigawatts!)

7even-Thirty (14 of 23)

y’know, i still remember hearing about 7even for the first time.

7even-Thirty (vertical) (9 of 11)

my boy Daniel G (yep, the same one from Storage 24) interviewed and played some of his music on his radio show Radio Fondren. (now known as Mississippi Happening)

7even-Thirty (15 of 23)

i was pretty impressed.  and i tend to be picky about the kind of rap/hip-hop i like.

7even-Thirty (16 of 23)

i’m picky because so much of it sounds all the same.  and what impressed me with 7even is that, what he was spitting blew that cookie-cutter crap out the water.

7even-Thirty (17 of 23)

(crowd-rapping time!)

7even-Thirty (vertical) (11 of 11)

while 7even works the crowd, his Hype Man continues working the stage.  it was a c-c-c-c-c-coommmbbbbooo move 😉

7even-Thirty (18 of 23)

i love it when 5th and 7even crowd-rap.  it always gets folks into it.

7even-Thirty (19 of 23)

this was right before something pretty cool happened…

7even-Thirty (20 of 23)

the crowd starts going wild as 5th Child comes back on stage!

7even-Thirty (21 of 23)

and when 7even gets back on stage and starts kicking it with his boy, that’s all she wrote.

7even-Thirty (22 of 23)

and that’s how you end a show.

7even-Thirty (23 of 23)

7even:Thirty and 5th Child ladies and gentlemen!

the Jacktown Spitters have left the stage!

and now, a randow crowd shot

in which Roy Adkins teaches us you don’t need a tripod when you have loving support from your wife

People and Stuff (10 of 12)

heh, i love this photo 🙂

and that wraps up day one!

have a good one everybody.  day two starts tomorrow.

and tomorrow is Joan Jett and The Blackhearts!


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