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[Jubilee!Jam] 5th Child (6.19.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Jubilee!Jam 2009, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on July 9, 2009

i can’t even blame a late running nap this time for getting started at 11:30 at night.

i’m just late LoL

no time to waste on talking then!

monday it was The Bailey Bros.!

tuesday it was Obeyjah & The Pearls!

yesterday it was the Quills!

today/tonight, 5th Child brings the funk!

5th Child (11 of 26)

5th Child and 7even:Thirty were the last acts (that i shot) for Jubilee!Jam that night.

they were also the act i was really looking foward to the most that day/night.

5th Child (1 of 26)

(the pre-show group prayer)

5th Child (2 of 26)

(5th Child getting ready to bring it)

the way they did their set was pretty cool.

5th Child (3 of 26)

(5th Child’s hype man, getting the crowd, well, hyped!)

they each went on one at a time and did a set and then, at the very end, got on stage together to rock the crowd.

5th Child (4 of 26)

(5th Child starts spitting and killing it)

let me tell you a little something about 5th Child (which is also true about 7even:Thirty and which i will repeat when i post his photos tomorrow)

5th Child (5 of 26)

they always, always, bring 110% to every show they do

5th Child (6 of 26)

it doesn’t matter if they’re jamming for 5 people or 500 people.  they bring it every. single. time.

5th Child (7 of 26)

i saw this with my own eyes a couple of months back, late last year.

5th Child (10 of 26)

i was at an outside show and they were the last act and it was cold.  the kind of cold were you’re wondering why the hell you’re still outside trying to listen to music.

5th Child (12 of 26)

now, since it was that cold and they were the last act, there were like, maybe 6 people still there, including me.

5th Child (vertical) (1 of 4)

and they came out there and they rocked it like we were a crowd of 6,000 and they were the headlining act.

5th Child (13 of 26)

it blew my mind.  it blew all of our minds.

5th Child (vertical) (2 of 4)

i will never forget that show.

5th Child (14 of 26)

see, i had seen and shot them performing before (i think the first time was at Rap Rock III) so i knew they were kick-ass but that night out in the cold showed me something different about them.

5th Child (vertical) (3 of 4)

these cats are the real. deal.

5th Child (16 of 26)

they aren’t just “playing around”.

they’re in it to win it.

5th Child (17 of 26)

and if that means rocking a crowd of 6 or a crowd of 10,000, they aren’t gonna stop till they win it.

5th Child (18 of 26)

and that’s as real as it gets.

5th Child (19 of 26)

this is one of my favorite parts of the show.  crowd rapping! 😉

5th Child (20 of 26)

5th and 7even tend to do it at all their shows.  and it rocks each time they do it LoL

5th Child (21 of 26)

and as you can see, the crowd was digging it too

5th Child (23 of 26)

all good shows deserve a big hug 😉

5th Child (24 of 26)

and this is when we start to wrap up 5th Child’s set

5th Child (26 of 26)

5 minutes after this, 7even:Thirty will be taking the stage

5th Child (22 of 26)

5th Child ladies and gentlemen!

and now, a random crowd shot

hey, Chris Myers!  whatcha think of Jubilee!Jam week so far?!

People and Stuff (9 of 12)

indeed man, indeed.  in fact, what more needs to be said 😉

have a good one everybody!

tomorrow; 7even:Thirty!


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  2. […] i said in 5th Child’s post yesterday, these cats always give 110% in every show they […]

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