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Chick Jam! @ Hal and Mal’s (6.12.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, Hal and Mal's, Photo Post by William Patrick Butler on June 22, 2009

time for the Chick Jam in the Redroom at Hal and Mal’s!

little backstory.

every year, the Jackson Free Press sponsors and hosts the Chick Ball.  a fundraising night, with an all female line up, with the goal of raising money for the Mississippi Center for Violence Prevention and to raise awareness of domestic abuse.  last year we raised enough to buy the center a new van!

this year (its 5th!) will be even bigger. (and better!)

so, if that’s the Chick Ball, what’s the Chick Jam?

the Chick Jam is the pre-party, so to speak, for the Chick Ball.  kinda like a mini-chick ball.

this year was the first time we had a Chick Jam, but i doubt it’ll be the last.

all proceeds went to the Chick Ball which, in turn, will help the Chick Ball raise money to go towards the Center for Violence Prevention. (see how that works?) 😉

the “chicks” that performed for the jam were: Lizzie Wright, Anna Kline, and the headline act; The Bachelorettes!

(to read more about the Chick Ball and why it’s important, check out my friend, Deirdra’s blog post about it.  it’s very good.)

((and be sure to follow @jfpchickball on twitter!))

(((and i wasn’t the only photographer at the Chick Jam.  so be sure to check out Kenya Hudson‘s excellent photos from the event in the JFP photo galleries.  really, great photos.)))


time for pretty pictures!

first chick; Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship!

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (2 of 36)

*cues up some of Lizzie’s music while i work*

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (3 of 36)

Lizzie had just gotten back from India a day or two before the Jam and, ignoring jet lag and just got back from the other side of the world fatigue, strapped on her guitar and hopped on stage.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (5 of 36)

i was a little nervous for her, after not being on stage since she left for India for a month.  (but then, i’m always a little nervous whenever any of my friends hop on stage. cause i always want them to do good).

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (7 of 36)

and, like always, she made me feel silly for being nervous about, ohhh, 1 minute into her first song LoL.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (14 of 36)

Lizzie’s a natural on stage.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (17 of 36)

i love photographing her on stage.  it’s one of the few times i can get past her “camera-sense”.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (18 of 36)

what i mean is, along with being a singer/song-writer, Lizzie is also a very good photographer.

and most photographers, i’ve found, have a “camera-sense”.  they know when someone else is pointing a camera at them.  and when you know someone’s pointing a camera at you, it’s hard to just be natural.

(i mess with lizzie about this all the time, when we’re just hanging out and i’m snapping pictures)

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (20 of 36)

but when she’s on stage, that goes away.

and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (21 of 36)

the notebook of songwriter power (aka: the notebook lizzie writes down her songs in.)

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (26 of 36)

she’s smiling because, while she’s singing her “Robot” song, 3 of The Bachelorettes are dancing like robots on the dance floor.

it’s good to have friends.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (31 of 36)

esp when those friends put a smile on your face while you’re on stage, doing what you love.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (34 of 36)

good times.

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (22 of 36)

Lizzie Wright ladies and gentlemen!

and now, a short interlude as the Chick Jam MC, Tara Baker, takes to the stage (giving Anna Kline time to set-up)

Anna Kline (1 of 18)

this is the part of the night were we learn just what the Chick Jam is all about and how it helps the Chick Ball and how, in turn, that helps the Center.

Anna Kline (2 of 18)

pretty much, Tara explains everything i explained when i started this post LoL

and now, the second chick of the evening; Anna Kline!

Anna Kline (4 of 18)

*goes to cue up some of Anna’s music to listen to, but she doesn’t have a myspace music page.   sad face.  cues up some Esthero instead.*

Anna Kline (6 of 18)

Anna kept on surprising me that night.  all in good ways.

Anna Kline (8 of 18)

first of all, i had no idea she was getting married early next year.

many congrats! 🙂

Anna Kline (10 of 18)

second of all, i had no idea she was a singer/songwriter

Anna Kline (13 of 18)

i knew she was a filmmaker/producer and writer, but didn’t know she had additional creative talents to go along with those.

Anna Kline (16 of 18)

and just so we’re clear, she was excellent on the stage.

Anna Kline (18 of 18)

but, since she’s always great at what she does, that part of the evening came as no surprise at all.

Anna Kline (5 of 18)

Anna Kline ladies and gentlemen!

and now, the final act of the night, the Girls in The Band known only as The Bachelorettes!

The Bachelorettes! (1 of 59)

*cues up some of The Bachelorettes music while the girls tune up*

The Bachelorettes! (2 of 59)


The Bachelorettes! (3 of 59)

get your wig on!

The Bachelorettes! (4 of 59)

the girls in the band hadn’t been together (or on stage) for a month (due to lizzie and annie blazer being out of town)

and you could tell, that they enjoyed getting back together.

The Bachelorettes! (6 of 59)

Lizzie Wright is a Bacherlorette!

The Bachelorettes! (7 of 59)

not only did they bring their 60s pop A-game after getting back together, they also debuted a brand new song for the masses

(which i’ve forgotten the title of and none of the bachelorettes have a twitter so i can’t ask. sad face! if one of the ladies read this, leave me a comment and i’ll make an edit) 🙂

The Bachelorettes! (10 of 59)

yep.  they’re classy ladies.

The Bachelorettes! (11 of 59)

yeah, they’re getting into it now!

The Bachelorettes! (15 of 59)

Rachel Jarmon is a Bachelorette!

The Bachelorettes! (16 of 59)

remember what i was saying about Lizzie?

how she has “camera-sense”?

The Bachelorettes! (17 of 59)

well, Rachel has it too.

The Bachelorettes! (18 of 59)

but Rachel’s “camera-sense” is different from Lizzie’s.

The Bachelorettes! (20 of 59)

off stage or on stage, rachel always knows when the camera’s on her.

The Bachelorettes! (21 of 59)

and she doesn’t care one single bit 😉

The Bachelorettes! (22 of 59)

i have to admit, i’d missed shooting the ladies

The Bachelorettes! (23 of 59)

i’ve photographed them at almost every single one of their shows (except the very first one) and it’s always a fun time

The Bachelorettes! (27 of 59)

Dr. Annie Blazer is a Bachelorette!

The Bachelorettes! (31 of 59)

i was explaining to Lizzie that, i’d shot them so many times that i’ve pretty much got their timing down.

The Bachelorettes! (34 of 59)

(effective product placement) 😉

The Bachelorettes! (35 of 59)

what i mean by that is, i know that when they get to this part of a such and such song, that’s the part i need to get ready to shoot either Rachel jumping around, or Amanda switching from the drums to playing her guitar solo, etc.

The Bachelorettes! (37 of 59)

(heh, this photo trips me out)

The Bachelorettes! (38 of 59)

hmmm, i have a couple of more photos left but i really don’t know what else to say that doesn’t involve me just going on and on about how much i love the Bachelorettes…

The Bachelorettes! (40 of 59)

hmm. oh!  i know.

The Bachelorettes! (41 of 59)

so, this was the second to last show the ladies are playing in jackson for a bit.

The Bachelorettes! (43 of 59)

after they rock the Gloveshack (heh) on july 7th, they take off on their first summer tour!

The Bachelorettes! (47 of 59)

Amanda Rainey is a Bachelorette!

The Bachelorettes! (48 of 59)

so yeah, after July 7th they’ll be criss-crossing the south/northeast in the Wig-Van for the entire month of july before coming back home aug. 2nd

The Bachelorettes! (52 of 59)

Rachel is ready to go!

The Bachelorettes! (54 of 59)

it’s my trademarked “taking a photo of someone videotaping the show” photo! LoL

(this someone being Rachel’s man-love Chris Myers) 🙂

The Bachelorettes! (55 of 59)

we’re heading into the home strech here as the ladies kick it up to eleven…!

The Bachelorettes! (56 of 59)

oh, did i say eleven?  i meant twelve!

The Bachelorettes! (57 of 59)

and that’s how you end a show!

The Bachelorettes! (13 of 59)

The Bachelorettes ladies and gentlemen!

they’re the Girls in The Band!

Lizzie Wright Super Spaceship! (1 of 36)

The Bachelorettes have left the building.

don’t forget to come to the Chick Ball on July 25th!

don’t forget to follow @jfpchickball on twitter!!

don’t forget to check out Kenya Hudson‘s excellent photos from that night too!!

The Bachelorettes! (59 of 59)

and always remember; The Bachelorettes Love You!

have a good one everybody!

see ya next post!


2 Responses

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  1. Rachel said, on June 22, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    oh patrick these are incredible!
    i like how that light above us looks like the moon
    and i look like a howling wolf
    thanks always for these shots and featuring us on our blog!

  2. Birdofparadox said, on June 22, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    I mean this in the best, most positive way possible:

    Rachel dances like Snoopy. Remember all those cartoon specials where Snoopy breaks it down with deliberate, unfettered joy? Rachel shakes it like Snoopy, big time.

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