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Johnny Bertram @ Martin’s (5.20.09)

Posted in 2009, Color, Digital, martin's, Photo Post, rock and roll by William Patrick Butler on May 30, 2009

many thanks to everyone for checking out my first official post.

i’m still trying to figure out a good posting schedule.  i’m thinking every sunday since i never seem to shoot on sundays and that’ll give me time to edit all the stuff i shot during the week.

still thinking about it though.

but while i’m thinking, how about some photos of  Johnny Bertram laying down a pretty sweet solo acoustic set at Martin’s (located right across the street from Hal and Mal’s, in the heart of downtown jackson) last wednesday?

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (5 of 12)

there weren’t a lot of people there.  in fact there was, not counting me and the bartender, 3 -4 people there. but there was a good reason for that.

see, in jackson, druring the spring and summer, so much is happening around town.  so, that night, there was, i think, 3 other shows happening at the same time.

jackson is a busy city during the warm months.

but the crowd size didn’t faze Johnny one bit.

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (3 of 12)

Johnny, as always, played straight from the heart.

didn’t matter if there were 30 or only 2 people in there.

all that mattered was that he was playing.

isn’t that how it should be?

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (6 of 12)

this isn’t the first time i’ve photographed Johnny.

it is the first time i’ve ever photographed him solo though.  all the other times i’ve photographed him while he was playing with Jamie Weems (another excellent Jackson musician)

so i’m glad i got a chance to do it.

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (8 of 12)

as a photographer, i was really happy there weren’t a lot of people at the show.

that meant i didn’t have to worry about standing in front of someone, being pushed by someone, making sure no drunk people spilled anything on my camera, etc.

i could just take me time, wait for the shot i wanted, and take it.

it was great.

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (9 of 12)

i have to admit though, i’m not that fond of shooting at martin’s.

not because it’s a bad venue, i love hanging out there.

but just because the lighting is just a pain LoL.  shooting there is a constant battle of trying to get cool shots and the red lights of doom.

of course it’s all worth it when you get cool shots.

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (11 of 12)

see what i mean?

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (12 of 12)


this was a good show and i’m glad i wandered over from Hal and Mal’s with my friends and got a chance to see it.

Johnny Bertram @ Martin's (10 of 12)

Johnny Bertram, ladies and gentlemen!

be sure to check out his website and be sure to download his first two EPs one you get there.  you’ll be glad you did.

have a good one everybody!  see ya next post!


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